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21 SAVAGE - No Heart"No Heart". Young Savage, why you trappin' so hard? Why these niggas cappin' so hard? Why you obtained a 12 auto garage? Why you pullin' all these rappers cards...
21 SAVAGE - 12 to "12 AM" song by 21 SAVAGE: Trapping after dark Trapping after dark, trapping ... Flipping, marketing hard; flipping, marketing difficult ... Gotta have actually heart once you're trapping after dark ... Young savage, bitch, and I ain't never before chasing no hoe
21 SAVAGE - Oh OkEverybody want to organize nuts on Young Savage Probably reason your bitch wanna fuck Young Savage All these pussy niggas acting like they really trapping. You...
21 SAVAGE - to "Supply" song by 21 SAVAGE: I acquired gas, it's for sale, yeah Got a entirety lot of packs in the mail, ... I was trappin' for genuine ... Young savage bitch, guy you niggas on that sucker shit. Trappin' trappin' hard, cutting cocaine with that cutlery
LIL BIBBY - HispanicThe circulation so crack, the plug he stop spanish. Cocaine ... Dope boy fresh yet all of my niggas savage. And if you ... Nigga I make it vanish you wan't it well you deserve to have actually it ... I trap tough even on Sundays Bunch of young niggas bout gun play
21 SAVAGE - FNB (Fuckin Niggaz Bitches) to "FNB (Fuckin Niggaz Bitches)" song by 21 SAVAGE: I'm sippin' act I'm sippin' act This shit below ... You niggas recognize I rep that murdaterri ... Trappin' difficult I'm trappin' difficult ... Them young nigga prepared to roll ya ... So I hit her through my pistol
POST MALONE - CongratulationsMy mama called, viewed you on TV, child. Shelp shit done adjusted ever because we was on. I dreamed it all ever given that I was young ... Worked so difficult, foracquired exactly how to vacation ... For the money, I'm a savage, yeah ... But rather I'm in the trap, though
A to "You A Trip" song by WEBBIE: Wassup wassup wassup Turn it up Webbie Trill E-N-T. Young Savage Just some gangsta shit for...
Lil Boosie - Fuck You ... You' by Lil Boosie. Fuck You / Wassup what's happenin' / This Weebie Trill young savage aka Lil Baton Rouge / yet you wanna me (Big Head Boy. ... niggas made it tough on me but I'ma keep it in ... your tongue in your dash so I bust 17
21 SAVAGE - to "X" song by 21 SAVAGE: 10 bad bitches in a mansion Wrist on Milly Rock them diamonds on me dancin' When you workin' tough th... ... If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you. And them drugs come in handy. Last name...
DOUGHBOYZ CASHOUT - Therapy(why you carry out me like that) Cuz bitch you beneath me prefer a coaster. I den remained in more bitches walls then boy band also posters. So aint shit new to me, you a little cool to me. But askin me ... Wanna trap me up, tell me not to usage security ... You seem like a nice young guy.. ... I turned right into a savage lemme first to describe.
Come Here - Webbietrap or slut not a freak you just choose to back. Your ass up ... So you the kind to make them hoes put they man up the fresh white ... break a difficult dick in half girl marry me you favor. This song hu young savage I'm the male to be I'm from. Louisiana...
Webbie - Come Here ... he spoil you provide ya every little thing you ask for? so ya point you a lady not a trap or slut ... So you the type to make them hoes put they male up the fresh white tennis shoes ... smoke and I deserve to bat an early stage see ass break a difficult dick in half girl marry me you choose. This song hu young savage I'm the guy to be I'm from louisiana yet not...
BOBBY SHMURDA - Hot NiggaAnd if you ain't a hoe, obtain up out my trap home. I been selling crack ... Grimey savage, that's what we are ... GS9, I go so difficult ... Niggas gained me on that young shit
MIGOS - to "Contraband" song by MIGOS: That banperform music Trap shit Narcotics This for my niggas in the trap offering. ... Running up numbers, young nigga don't require a wallet ... "Say you better not be dealing that coke boy" ... All of my niggas go money savage ... I live in the trap so periodically I be nervous
MAC DRE - Life's a BitchIt's not frequently young niggas gain a opportunity ... But jealous rivals make it hard for us to do this. So ... If you a guy have heart be a savage whether you sober or drunk ... Them squares don't under stand also so it takes niggas prefer me to define it
LIL BOOSIE - Show The Worldwe gon' display the world, the interpretation of genuine shit my nigga you gotta feel it lil nigga. I got my ... A civilization person, so you understand Lil Boosie gained hoes. ... I work-related hard go and also get it on the road salso months runnin seven-fifty off for reflects gain it. ... Rest in peace ma I'ma be on TV (watch) Young Savage, Sweet Jones, Trill Family
JEEZY - to "Recipe" song by YOUNG JEEZY: Yeah, I obtained the recipe Nigga tryna eat Tryna eat, nigga I got the recipe, yeah You understand, I did ... So much paper, nigga, they gon' think you're readin' it ... Live the savage life, done made your boy a renegade ... Saw the red and also blue lights, I had actually a tough nine ... "Trap Or Die 3" (2016).
RICH THE KID - Migo Gang x Slaughter Gang MusicMigo Gang shit Flippa Slaughter Gang, 21 shit You understand what I mean? Hit a ni... ... They sucking, fuck the totality trap. Bitch, you ... Go obtain the 30 young nigga, go empty the clip (Grraw!) Slaughter ... Whip the pot nigga, whip it tough. AK make a ... Feds watching so I walk on my tippy toes. I'm affluent as bitch...
Migos x Young
Thug feat. Skippa Da Flippa - Crime Stoppers ...Mar 10, 2016 for Crime Stoppers by Migos x Young Thug feat. ... water I'm still a savage, run up with some caution (savage) Put your ass up for ... nigga, no Silk Da Shocker I dab so hard that I need me an Osautomobile '08 I dropped out, I slam dunk like Vince Carter When you trap, gotta be smarter, diamonds water These...
FUTURE - Trap to "Trap Niggas" song by FUTURE: Times gettin' difficult yet a nigga still gettin' it Young affluent niggas, in this motherfucker When you wa... ... It's so much alcohol and kush on my breath. We prayin' 5 times a day to catch a plug. A few beef...
LIL BIBBY - How We MoveI'm a rap god, I trap difficult. This shit ain't that difficult ... Young niggas we savage, capture a nigga in website traffic ... Trust me, you don't desire that beef, it's bodies on that heat
KING LOUIE - That's How We MoveI'm rap God, I trap tough, this shit ain't that difficult, They act hard, let the max ... Young niggas, we savage, catch a nigga in web traffic, ... Nigga, you don't want that beef, my niggas won't go sweet, The last nigga that tried me is so rest in peace.
RICH THE KID - Real to "Real Deal" song by RICH THE KID: You know niggas talking around this man I'm bout to fuck 100, 000 ideal now Aye, dang, woah Fuck on... ... Trap phone got a beeper ... Young nigga been grinding hard for a minute. I'm a savage and a menace ... That nigga was talking as well a lot so it's cool to hit him via clips
FREDO SANTANA - Pass Me My Double CupBricks came in, gained a young nigga flexin' Flexin' so difficult got me feeling favor a wrestler. Heard you want ... All my niggas savage up, you don't desire war via us. No goofy shit ... Goofy nigga actin' up, heard yo ass damaged as fuck boy get yo trap up
JEEZY - Amazin'Can you please mothafuckin' increase. For the nationwide mothafuckin' trap star anthem. Let's go Cause bitch I'm amazing', look what I'm blazin' Eyes so...
WEBBIE - What's Happenin'Qne head boy, you know you scared boy, that savage life. You ain't ready for that ... And I ain't wit all that whispering so I asking these niqqas maaane
KEVIN GATES - Perfect ImperfectionI wear my emovements on my sleeve you recognize what I'm saying. I've constantly been ... It's refreshing to find someone who thinks prefer me so I can't be wrong. I'm a perfect ... Ever grind difficult tryna pay for your lawyer? Get him payed ... Malaki and Chris and trap. Cousin lil ... Young Seven via the jensen currently my main male gone
YUNG CHRIS - Racks (Remix)Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was difficult knock. Had so much kush and also Ciroc, bitch I think my heart sheight (Yeaaaaaaaah!) E'ry night's a ... I recognize it's some girls in the crowd right now that wanna fuck a young nigga - yeah! I roll one and roll ... Better make, certain you fuck ya girl ideal 'fore I dick her, dvery own (Flocka!)
Gotta Have to "You Gotta Have Heart" song by WESTSIDE CONNECTION: (Aah, yirr Yearh, man Wooh, ... I was a young ghetto-boy that grew up in the eye. So i ... And it's still tough with all this temptation and also testenin' ... Dont foroffer whats so femmé
PAPPY - to "Freedom" song by YOUNG PAPPY: I'm a young nigga tryna come up, remember them days I was fucked up I ain't have shit, however a ... I turned savage to quick, a lot of niggas sassist I wasn't on shit ... Wasn't so quick to round up my fist, cuz I maintained a gun I wregarding slick ... But you'll constantly catch me through a pair niggas
LIL BOOSIE - Better Believe ItYoung Jeezy, Webbie). Ladies and also gentleguys it's boosie boo king of Louisana I been the fact if you don't understand betta ask ... from the game exactly how to stack the breezes gained love from the hood so it's all excellent er both goin eat me ... that shit it's crazy aint it hard to explain it I done got well known all I did was brang it savage life behind...
GRACE - "Master Of Disguise" (1985) albumSAVAGE GRACE - "Master Of Disguise" (1985) album, including "No One Left To ... They fight long and hard into the night, ... Burned by the hot irons touch so deep in their soul ... Your young heart ... My trap will certainly be sprung upon you
JAYMES YOUNG - Habits Of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens ...JAYMES YOUNG "Habits Of My Heart ... You make it hard to let you go. Yeah I tell myself, I prefer that. When you tie my hands behind my ago. You're...
WEBBIE - Bad Bitch (Remix)I need a bad bitch Come on... if you a bad bitch Yeah I want a negative bitch The girl be,... ... And I'm thick and fine from the cornbreview and also the cabbage, a savage. I would certainly offer you my number so you can have actually this. But I don't require the stalkin, prank...
Blac Youngsta - Heavy Mar 12, 2016 hefty what you understand around a young wealthy nigga gettin money everybody ... was trappin tough out the trap I was really trying to stretch it Young nigga through a ... loyal you a runner lil nigga I'm hefty I was fucked up poor so I referred to as them ... Them young niggaz hungry them lil niggaz boy for the savage They robbin...
LUD FOE - Young
Street Nigga, to "Young Street Nigga, Pt.2" song by LUD FOE: Gang Gang Bitch, (KidWond3r You Made This ... Riding shotgun so, you recognize I lugged the pump out
LIL BOOSIE - Going Thru Some Thangswon't you get me assist get your ass ... And these niggas wanna rap about you ... yet they still wanna carry that savage out you ... so I be right once I'm gone
WEBBIE - Bad BitchIf you try to holla she might holla she tooken. And she ... And poor bitches obtain to take trips through the savage. Can never tell ... And she ain't hard-headed. Can listen...

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MONTANA OF 300 - Divine GhostI swear you don't want to witness this savage in ya area. He'll come and ravage ... I'm so fucking hot, boy the evil one much better be scared of this. God circulation, ya understand...


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