Have you ever listened to Tim McGraw’s song “Live Like You Were Dying.” I love his message – each day is a gift and we have yet one chance to make it count.

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I’ve long been a collector of words. Inhigh college, I had actually a distinct notebook, in which I carefully wrote some of my favorite quote under a topic header. I’ve constantly appreciated exactly how words play via my thought procedure, offer me insight right into someone else’s mind and also frequently carry a brand-new perspective to an old concept. The interpretation and interpretation behind words have constantly been a welcome difficulty to me.

For you word lovers that can desire a tiny more encouragement or catalyst to make now count, or for anyone else that is searching for a small little of light on a dark day – this is for you. I think in you and also recognize you have the right to do it!


Begin each day with a grateful heart. – Roy Bennett

This straightforward equation is a good way to begin your day.

Count your blessings = comfort, joy, and also happiness.

Expushing your gratitude on a constant basis is favor taking a everyday supplement of vitamins. An perspective of gratitude has actually a positive impact on your psychological wellness, brain attribute, and also all at once wellness. Choosing Gratitude makes everything a little better.

Learn around how one daily halittle bit have the right to change your attitude.


Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you end up being your reality. – Les Brown

We’ve talked about this one freshly. How frequently perform you let the grumpy keep clerk influence your day? It is straightforward to obtain set off as soon as someone’s mindset rubs off you. Don’t internalize and also let your thoughts take you off on some brand-new truth trip. Choose to let their opinion slide off of you. Say, “No Thank You” and walk ameans.


It’s never before too late to be what you could have been. – George Eliot

If I didn’t think this I’d still be trying to figure out what to execute through my life. Your previous is your previous, and your future is still waiting for you to make it. Too often we enable our previous to recognize what we think we can or cannot do. It reminds me of once my grandson learned to walk. He didn’t think about all the times he fell and also bumped his head, he retained concentrated on what he wanted to do and also made it happen. Persistence, determination, and vision make a recipe for success.


Never regret a day in your life:Good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days offer lessons, and ideal days offer memories.

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Sukhraj S. Dhillon

It’s okay to have actually a poor day. In truth, if you’ve never before had actually one, something could be wrong through you. Allow yourself to feel your emotions simply don’t let them take over and also specify your life. Each day has somepoint to market, adopt the excellent, bad and ugly, learn from them and start aacquire tomorrow.


You can’t begin the next chapter of your life if you save re-reading the last one. –Unknown

Sometimes we have actually a propensity to gain stuck. Maybe our last chapter was something wonderful or possibly heartbreaking – either way life continues. When we get lost in the previous we inadvertently allow it to control our future. Don’t obtain me wrong – the previous is not all bad! We can sometimes revisit the previous in attempts to learn and prosper from choices we make, but if your previous is maintaining you from enjoying your current or looking forward to the future you might must look at relocating on.

How execute you make now count?

How perform you make the the majority of of each day? Do you have some favorites quotes to motivate you once you require a small added boost? I’d love to hear what helps you make the many of each new day in the comments listed below.