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One of my favorite bands in the civilization is Manchester Orchestra. Two of the finest lines off their album, Average Everypoint To Nopoint, is from the song, Tony The Tiger. “I understand you think you know, however you most likely don’t. I know you think you understand, but you probably don’t understand.” Let’s dive. (And after, I’d encourage you to check out the song bereason it’s baller.) 

I spent the last 2 weeks reading the book I Can See Clbeforehand Now by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. If you’ve check out any type of of my work, you recognize that he is among my most cherimelted spiroutine mentors, and I write about him and also his teachings A LOT. While analysis this epic journey of him looking ago at his life, I’ve pertained to realize some things around myself I’d prefer to share, because I’m sure there are many type of of you in the same boat I’m in when it pertains to handling this parenthesis of existence we’re in ideal now referred to as life.

So, in my own bit people, where I’m just moving in addition to my day reasoning this and also thinking that, and reasoning that I understand what’s good for me and also what I require, I’ve come to the realization that I really don’t recognize any type of of these points. I don’t really recognize what’s good for me. I may think I carry out, but I’m pretty certain that most of my life, the Universe has prcooktop otherwise. I’m pretty sure tright here was a time in my life I HADVERTISEMENT to day a specific someone, or I HAD to be a part of whatever before it was I believed I HADVERTISEMENT to be a part of, and also I look back currently and also think, “Phew, give thanks to God that didn’t occur.” Has this ever before taken place to you? Have you ever before looked ago and known that you more than likely didn’t REALLY understand what was best for you? If you have actually, this provides me hope.

As I reflect, I am in awe, gratefulness, wonder, and also excitement: Awe and also gratefulness for recognizing I’m in regulate of myself (my actions and also attitude) and not of the outcome (since I don’t REALLY know what’s finest for me), and also wonder and also excitement for what’s to come in the future (BECAUSE I’m in control of my actions and also attitude). But also BIGGER than this, I’m excited likewise because we can kinda just sit ago and also relax, because we have a Universe behind us offering us gentle reminders (and sometimes not so gentle) that while we might not understand what’s best every time, this Power Source that keeps all points in order does. It is simply our choice to open approximately it. It is our choice to view regarded failures as devastating, awful points that happened to us bereason we are victims, OR check out them closed doors that wouldn’t have actually been in our ideal interemainder, and also patiently wait for the right door TO open.

Yes, we have a CHOICE. It is also our option, and also duty if we want to live to our highest possible potential, to listen to that inner voice in our heads that lead us to the conclusion, that everything is going to be okay as soon as we just trust in this Source. When you have actually dreams or wishes, put them out there, carry out the work that demands to be done in order to reach those objectives, however then leave it as much as the Universe to make all things happen in the perfect time, in the perfect manner, to where it practically seems effortless.

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So, to amount this up… When you are IN it, and by IN it, I suppose going with the million points in your head, I encourage you to:

Take a minute to reflect on something that absolutely worked out perfectly with no help from you. Then give a tiny “say thanks to you” to the Universe.Realize that if you live via an open up mind to brand-new things happening, you’re permitting room for miracles to ignite in your life.Remember that you’re fucking remarkable.