Optional regulates and features that are not instantly obtainable and also need to be installed or activated
Break-also pointThe allude at which a company starts to make a profit.

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Constraint cellsCells that covtain worths that limit or restrict the outcome
ConstraintsIn Solver, valued that limit or restrict the outcome
Dual-axis chartA chart that has one series plotted on a second axis. Useful as soon as comparing data series that use different scales or various kinds of measurements.
Decision variablesIn Solver, cells that will adjust to achieve a preferred result
ForecastA prediction of the future, often based on past performances.
Fixed expensesExpenses that reprimary the very same each month
IntegerA whole number used in mathematical computations
IntervalIn a moving average, the variety of cells to encompass in the average
Logical functionA function that tests for specific problems.
Moving averageAsequence of avereras computed from components of a data series; it is offered to smooth out fluctuations in information to display a pattern or trend even more clearly
Objective cellIn Solver, a cell that conains a formula for the results you are trying to determine; generally difined as minimum, maximum, or stated value
ScenarioA set of values that Excel conserves and also can substitute immediately in your worksheet
Scenario ManagerA what-if analysis tool that compares alternatives
SolverA what-if evaluation tool that deserve to aid you find an optimal value for a formula in one cell-subject to constraints on the values of various other formula cells on a worksheet
Variable cellsIn Solver, cells that will certainly readjust to attain a desired result
Variable expensesExpenses that vary relying on the amount of sales
AND functionA logical feature that deserve to be provided to build compound logical tests making use of up to 255 arguments. The function returns an outcome of TRUE if ALL of the conditions are met.
COUNTIF functionA logical feature that counts the cells that satisfy specific criteria in a stated selection.
COUNTIFS functionA logical attribute that counts the cells that fulfill certain criteria in multiple varieties.
Nested functionA attribute that is consisted of inside another function. The inner attribute is evaluated first and also the outcome becomes the argument for the outer feature.
NOT functionA logical attribute that takes just one debate and also is used to test one problem. If the problem is true, the function returns the logical opposite false. If the problem is false, true is returned.
OR functionA logical function that deserve to be offered to develop compound logical tests making use of up to 255 disagreements. The feature retransforms a worth of TRUE if ANY of the conditions are met.
SUMIF functionA logical attribute that consists of one logic test—it will add values in a specified selection that fulfill specific conditions or criteria.
SUMIFS functionA logical function that will certainly add worths in multiple varieties that fulfill multiple criteria.
SyntaxThe arrangement of the debates in a duty.

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TransposeTo switch the information in rows and also columns.