The town in which the play is set has built a large bapoint complicated that is important to the town"s economic situation. Dr. Stockmann has actually simply discovered that the baths" drainage mechanism is seriously contaminated. He cautions a number of members of the community, consisting of Hovstad and also Aslaksen, and receives generous assistance and also many thanks for making his discovery in time to conserve the tvery own. The following morning, but, his brvarious other, who is likewise the town"s mayor, tells him that he need to retract his statements, for the important repairs would certainly be too expensive; better, the mayor is not encouraged by Dr. Stockmann"s findings. The brothers have a fierce discussion, yet Dr. Stockmann wishes that at least Hovstad"s newspaper will support him. However, the mayor convinces Hovstad and also Aslaksen to oppose Dr. Stockmann.

The doctor holds a town meeting to provide a lecture on the baths, yet Aslaksen and also the mayor attempt to save him from speaking. Dr. Stockmann then begins a long tirade in which he condemns the foundations of the town and the tyranny of the majority. The audience finds his speech exceptionally offensive, and the following morning the doctor"s residence is vandalized. He and his daughter are fired. The mayor insinuates that the doctor"s actions were simply a scheme to inherit even more of Morten Kiil"s money, and Kiil himself shortly arrives to indicate simply such a setup to Dr. Stockmann. However, the medical professional refuses all such suggestions and decides to defy authority and remajor in town. His family is supportive, and also he says that the strongest man is the man who stands alone.

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An Enemy of the People ( Literature Guide)


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