Previously on the Best and also Worst of Smackdown: Between last week’s episode and also this week’s, Seth Rollins blew out his knee and also necessitated a change in the totality of the WWE main-event scene. Whoops! Now we’re in the middle of round among a WWE World Heavyweight Championship title tournament, culminating at Survivor Series. Roguy Reigns is winning, but we’re having actually fun going with the motions.

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And now, the Best and also Worst of WWE Smackdvery own for Nov. 12, 2015.


“You view, this is the means the civilization works! The Wyatts show up, and also BLOOD RUNS COLD!”


When Bray stole Kane and also the Undertaker’s souls, he should’ve unified them to end up being a ninja skeleton. What’s James Vandenberg up to? Can we bring him in as Bray Wyatt’s weird dad?

Worst: A Few Notes

1. Maybe I’m just not 6 years old, however I can’t think anything Bray Wyatt’s saying. What has he ever before actually done? He kidnapped Kane earlier in the lengthy long earlier, and then Kane simply kinda forgot about it and came earlier completely fine. Now, he’s kidnapped Kane and the Undertaker and “devoured their souls,” which gives him lightning powers. That maintained The Brothers of Destruction on the shelf for about a week. Now he’s saying he took “pieces of them” they have the right to never before gain back? You suppose their souls? Going from “I ATE YOUR SOUL TO TAKE YOUR MYSTICAL POWERS” to “I might’ve made them feel poor for a while” is a hell of a downgrade. That’s like going from “murdered by a train” to “emotionally disturbed.” Bray’s promo need to just be, “welp, nopoint I do matters,” adhered to by him hitting play on a Halloween sound results CD.

2. Is Braun Strowmale the wettest person of all time? I’ve seen Phoebe Cates climb out of swimming pools looking drier than him. The remainder of the Wyatts must lick him to remain hydrated.

3. At Survivor Series, “any kind of two” of Bray’s picking will certainly confront Kane and also The Undertaker, which is a little much less thrilling currently that we’ve seen Kane and Undertaker beat up all 4 of them at as soon as without breaking a sweat. Maybe Braun damaged everyone’s sweats for them? Anymeans, you’d think that his top 2 draft picks would certainly be “Bray Wyatt” and also “Murderous Ray Jackson,” yet can he pick ANYONE? Can Bray choose that cool gas-station-attendant version of Daniel Bryan that was in the group for a hot minute? Can he simply pick, favor, John Cena and Randy Orton? He need to pick Luke Genables and also “Prime Time” Brian Lee and also make Kane and also Undertaker wrestle themselves.

Best: The Day The Music Died

Playing the role of the Krustyburglar this week is ♫ Fandango ♫, gaining a 5-minute break from the purgatory they sfinish him to whenever they don’t have any type of jealous girlfriend valet angles.

I don’t understand why, yet I love Strowman’s finish. It’s literally, “I’M GOING TO PICK YOU UP AND HOLD YOU UNTIL YOU DIE.” It’s prefer an inspirational Pinterest quote in entry develop. He’s the sort of wrestler I’d have actually lived in fear of as a little child, and pro wrestling constantly needs a really significant male who can’t really do much, however can’t loss down. He’s the Super Smash Bros. variation of Ganondorf. He’s sluggish as hell and his axe kick takes forever before to prep, yet if he hits it, your ass is flying offscreen.

I eagerly await Fandango’s following appearance, which I’ll assume is a quick loss to Kevin Owens to make up for Owens losing a bigger match to somebody essential the night before.

Best: King Eat-A-Loss Eats A Loss

We’ve checked out a ton (sorry, a “tonne”) of Neville vs. Barrett matches, yet I think this was much and amethod the best of them. This is not to be perplexed with Neville vs. Sheamus, which was Far And Away the ideal.

Anyway, what I loved around this is how legit Barrett seemed. He’s taken so many type of losses and been so hilariously neutered as both Intercontinental Champion and also King of the Ring that it’s difficult to take him seriously as a hazard, even as soon as he’s acting tough. He generally just bounces approximately taking offense, does a cheap thing or 2, turns his elbowpad inside out and either wins (lol) or loses. Here, he’s motherf*cking Wade Barrett. He’s the can’t-miss out on future WWE Champion who won the initially seakid of NXT. He’s dragging Neville approximately by the hair, slamming him down on his face and squatting over him to taunt him while they look at the World Championship. He’s obtained VIGOR, guy. I firmly think that Barrett could be among the very finest performers and characters in the agency if he could simply remain healthy and balanced enough to survive somebody saying, “hey, Wade Barrett’s good.” He normally dislocates his shoulder by the “Wade.”

And of course he loses, because that’s what King Barretts perform. Neville will be a good round-two enemy for Owens, and also I wish the disattach in between NXT and the major roster wasn’t too substantial for us to connect their character histories. If we pretend this goober WWE version of Alberto Del Rio doesn’t exist, round 2 of that tournament is looking amazing.

Worst: Speaking Of Goobers

The trouble with MexAmerica is that there are no stakes. What are they trying to accomplish? If they win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, perform they obtain manage over the actual nations? Being U.S. Champ hasn’t done sh*t to breakthrough the territorial case of MexAmerica, as they’re around a month in and their citizenship has plateaued at 2. Now they’re in the United Kingdom saying it’s even more favor the Divided Kingdom. Del Rio’s entrance have to be Bray Wyatt’s Fireflies, yet rather of lights it’s human being making wanking movements.

Like, what also is this? Alberto vs. Stardust might be a killer complement, but nobody appears to recognize what’s going on. The crowd is absolutely motionless (despite what the sudden boos and also cheers would certainly have you believe), they’re both kinda working tweener without committing to any specific alignment, and Stardust has to mindlessly collection himself up for Del Rio’s convoluted corner finisher as soon as the activity stops. I desire Del Rio to wrestle Mark Henry, and for Henry to unexpectedly be favor, “time to attempt this Phoenix Splash I’ve been functioning on.”

I don’t desire to just throw in with popular wrestling opinion all the time, but there’s not an extra flatline-friendly combicountry of terms than “Alberto Del Rio” and also “WWE Champion.” Dude provides Sheamus hoarding the Money in the Bank briefcase feel like Steve Austin at WrestleMania 14.


So, back to the good stuff.

Eincredibly excellent tournament demands a 12th seed beating a 5th, and also that’s what Kalisto vs. Ryago is. Spoiler reports I review complained about it being as well botchy, yet the TV variation we gained is GREAT, and also I proceed to love Ryearlier as soon as he’s able to wrestle someone quick and dynamic. When he’s in the ring through someone like Daniel Bryan, the gears start spinning in his head and also he sorta realizes what he’s meant to be and also what he’s expected to be doing.

Kalisto is money. He’s not Rey Mysterio in 1996 (or 2002), but he might be if you wanted it. You might make him that. Pairing him with Sin Cara and making them the “Lucha” team in a firm without other luchadores isn’t the ideal principle I’ve ever heard, however having actually him re-up the “biggest little bit man” act and also hang with/sometimes defeat guys choose Ryback could revolve him right into something unique. The “yeah but” of this paragraph is that Kalisto kinda-sorta only won this so Alberto Del Rio can murk a Hispanic man in round 2, but I hope that doesn’t come to be true. How good would certainly it be if Kalisto can make it to the semi-finals? Imagine if Kalisto made it and Cesaro controlled to beat Romale Reigns, and also we obtained a 20-minute Cesaro/Kalisto complement at Survivor Series.

WWE must produce a What If show on the Netoccupational that runs alternate-fact wrestling mirrors through matches and results we’d favor. Just put the pink Saved by the Bell dream filter about it, it’d be fine.

Anymeans, this is more of what I want from a WWE present. A fresh complement wbelow the wrestlers and characters connect with each other in fresh, exciting means, and also there’s both an establiburned consequence and also a clean finish. It doesn’t constantly have to be clean, but it shouldn’t ALWAYS be dirty. Dirty is the exception. That’s why we obtain mad about it. It corrupts the norm. Great stuff, and let’s attempt to save from throwing ourselves through a window in between rounds 2 and 3.

Worst: The Big Bang Theory Audience Loves Roman Reigns

Shout-out to the WWE production male in charge of the canned boos and also cheers that has totally provided up.

Roman Reigns is backphase via Renee Young and also cutting a promo in dead silence. When he finishes a point, the crowd unexpectedly goes YAAAAAAAAY and also then stops cold so he can save talking. More silence. “Believe that!” YAAAAAAAAYstop. It’s beginning to sound favor nWo Saturday Night in right here.

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Best/Worst: Wins Schmins!

You understand that point I sassist about the Wyatt Family never accomplishing anything? It can be okay if they were, you recognize, pro wrestlers that had chosen this profession through pro wrestling-related objectives in mind. Even on shows favor Lucha Underground when they have characters that are reincarnated dragons or zombified personifications of death, they desire to win matches and also championships. The Wyatts have made it clear that wins and also losses don’t issue and don’t have actually a larger established goal, so what’s the point? Why is any kind of of this happening? Why, once they lastly do something, does it keep whatever the same?

That’s this week’s primary event. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan wrestle The Usos and it’s pretty fun (specifically if you prefer the one Usos match), yet it ends as soon as Bray decides they’ve had actually sufficient and also orders a Family-wide beatdvery own. That’s Bray Wyatt in a nutshell. He’s an evil chaotic mastermind who can harvest mens’ souls, yet he gets so upset that the Usos are getting offense in a throwamethod tag match that he’ll throw the whole thing in the garbage to beat them up. I don’t know. I don’t recognize what he desires or what he’s trying to execute.

After the beatdown, Wyatt is threatened by spooky lighting and fire pyro, which … were the “pieces” of Kane and Undertaker Bray took, right? So currently he doesn’t also regulate that? What’d he carry out, punch them in a parking lot a couple of weeks ago and assume that made him the devil?