Wu-Tang Clan’s upcoming Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album has actually already occurred quite a fabled history: Only one copy will be developed, and also RZA has actually expressed his wish that it be toured in museums, though he’s already auctioning the single copy of the document on Paddle8. And, previously this week,Forbes mentioned that the buyer will certainly also deserve to release it commercially —in 88 frickin’ years.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone spoke as much as contact bullshit on the truth that this legendary album may not be heard by the fans during their life time, and also that perkid is the Wu’s own Method Man. An XXL interviewer was the initially to carry the 88-year wait time to Meth’s attention, and his real-time response was as follows:

“Fuck that album. I’m worn down of this shit and also I know everybody else is tired of it, as well. Fuck that album, if that’s what they are doing. I haven’t heard anything choose that, yet if they’re doing crap prefer that, fuck that album. Straight up. I’m just maintaining it 100. When music can’t be music and y’all turning it right into somepoint else, fuck that. Give it to the civilization, if they want to hear the shit, let them have it. Give it amethod complimentary. I don’t offer a fuck; that ain’t making nobody rich or poor. Give the fucking music out. Speak playing via the public, man.”

He described that he was, in reality, cool with the principle of releasing only one copy and selling it to the highest possible bidder: “I dug the totality idea in the start. I’m prefer, ‘Wow, this has actually never before been done prior to,"” he sassist. “I was cool via shit. But currently, this is ridiculous. 88 years? Really?” He ongoing, “I hope that’s a rumor. Whoever shelp that, that shit is fuckin’ stupid.”

Unfortunately, the perkid that shelp that was the Clan’s own RZA, that has considering that responded to Meth via the tweets below.

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methodman let us clarify for you. A 88 year “non commercialization”clause.

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Means corporations can’t buy it & mass develop it for sell

— RZA! (
RZA) March 5, 2015

I’m always ready to correct my wrongs hence Confident education constantly correct errors. But u tweetsymbols have actually been misindeveloped & believe