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This Book Rewatch of Work Hard, Study…And Keep Out of Politics! by James A. Baker III is carried to you by Katie Sykes from the Titans of Investing.

Genre: Non-fictionAuthor: James A. Baker IIIBook: Work Hard, Study…And Keep Out of Politics! (Buy the Book)


In his book Work Hard, Study… and also Keep Out of Politics, James A. Baker, III shares his individual memoirs regarding what he considers his unmeant public life. From his upbringing in Houston, Texas, through his career as a lawyer and also family members life, Baker shares the individual stories that shaped him right into among the the majority of respected public servants in the history of the USA.

Baker first recounts a brief family members history, in addition to his education and learning, legislation career, and shed association as a conservative Democrat. After “converting” to the Republideserve to Party, Baker would display good skill and interest in national politics and also public organization. It was not till 1975 that Baker started his career in Washington at the urging of George H. W. Shrub, his good frifinish, by serving under the secretary of commerce to President Gerald Ford.

Baker would certainly then put his distinguishedlaw career onorganize tolead 5 presidential campaigns for Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and also George H. W. Bush, and additionally serve as chief of staff and also Secretary of the Treasury to Ronald Reagan, and Secretary of State and also chief of staff to George H. W. Shrub.

In these roles, Baker would be instrumental in implementing Reaganomics, leading peace talks when the Cold War came to an end and skilltotally proceeding the foreign policy objectives of the United States, among many type of other accomplishments.

After his coherent time in Washington, Baker continued to help with distinct assignments in international policy from the George W. Bush administration and various other government redevelop groups. He likewise erected the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice College, a top nonpartisan think tank for public plan study.

Knvery own for his diplomacy and also wisdom, Baker would leave an effective tradition in U.S. economic and diplomatic history, and in his book, Baker shares many lessons learned from his unique positions in the USA government.

Baker also writes to inspire readers to think about utilizing their talents to serve the USA of America as soon as he states,

“each of us has actually the capacity to make the human being a much better place… all it takes is the dedication of some part of our time and talent to public company.”

In this Titans Brief, you will discover Baker’s answers to these questions:How are decisions and also government job-related really accomplished?Who are the the majority of effective human being in an administration?What is the role of loyalty in politics?The Brief additionally gives Baker’s views on:Foreign policy in the USA and exactly how to implement pragmatic idealismWhat it takes to work successfully in public company and politics


“Prior preparation prevents negative performance.”

–James A. Baker, Jr.

James A. Baker III inherited the drive to succeed from his family. Born in Houston, Texas, he is a descendant of a legacy of effective lawyers after whom he was called. Baker’s great- grandpa, James Addiboy Baker, assisted discovered the Baker Botts regulation firm, wbelow Baker’s father, James A. Baker, Jr. worked too. A family of Houstonians, Baker’s grandpa, Captain James A. Baker, was critical in starting Rice College through his own regulation career.

A previous Maritime, Baker’s father taught him the prestige of technique and also education from an extremely beforehand age. In reality, Baker would attribute many of his successes in school, work, and public life to adhering to the lessons of discipline imparted to him by his father. Baker believes that one leskid in particular, his father’s the majority of famous aphorism, assisted him virtually every day of his adult life:

“The Five Ps: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

In his preparation to proccasion negative performance, Baker attfinished boarding school in Pennsylvania for the second half of his high college years, then followed in his father’s footactions to Princeton University for his undergraduate education and learning.While in college, he met Mary Stuart McHenry, whom he would certainly later on marry.

Baker gone into the Naval Corps platoon leaders regimen and served 2 years of energetic duty after graduating from Princeton. To proceed the Baker family members career trend, he made a decision to go to legislation college at the University of Texas. In furthering his education, Baker followed his grandfather’s admonition to “work-related tough, study, and save out of national politics.”

Upon graduation from legislation school, it was time for Baker to select a legislation firm. Baker Botts, his family’s firm, had actually a nepotismpolicy that preventedhim from functioning there,so Bakerjoined Andrews, Kurth, Campbell & Bradley, an additional well-respected regulation firm in Houston.

Before long, Baker had a promising career at his firm and also his family grew as his four sons were born. At the moment, he would certainly have never before taken into consideration entering politics, as his goals regarded becoming a distinguimelted lawyer. In addition, Baker thought about himself a conservative Democrat, yet almost apolitical, since the level of his political involvement had been sindicate voting. Mary Stuart, on the various other hand also, was an active Republideserve to.

In 1970, a household tragedy emerged as Mary Stuart dropped ill with breast cancer. Sadly, she passed ameans just months after the prognosis. Baker and also his sons, aged 7, 8, 13, and 15 at the time, were devadeclared. Though time passed, Baker found it difficult to conquer his grief. Thanktotally, a great frifinish, George H.W. Bush, was Baker’s tennis doubles companion and also empathized considerably via his loss, as he had experienced the loss of his three-year-old daughter due to leukemia.

Throughout this tough time for Baker, Shrub argued that Baker work on his senatorial project to take his mind off his grief. Though reluctant to accept, Baker facilitated the project for Bush and later renoted that

“if politics didn’t exactly conserve my life, it absolutely assisted keep my sanity.”

Although Baker had formerly thought about himself a conservative Democrat, he took pleasure in supporting his friend George so much that he began to align via the GOP. He notes that this was the minute he came to be “hooked on national politics.”

After the election, Baker was asked to be the state finance chairman for the Texas Republideserve to Party, which was very weak at the moment. He additionally coordinated the Nixon re-election initiative in the Gulf Coast area of Texas in 1972.

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In August 1973, Baker married Susan Winston. Baker’s four sons merged through Susan’s 3 children to blfinish right into one household, and their eighth son would certainly be born four years later. Susan had an interest in national politics also, which encouraged Baker to continue his involvement.