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Baby Shower Fun via Word Games!

Oh baby! Is tright here anything more delightful than the news of a brand-new baby on the way? No way! There’s just somepoint around having actually a new little bit squishy bundle of joy in your arms that have the right to melt the hardest of hearts. It’s truly no wonder why civilization go all out to spoil these little babies while we’re still waiting for them to arrive!

What is it about baby showers that make them so fun? It’s not like there’s a baby below to oogle over yet. Being in excellent firm is a given, but I’ve been to some pretty awkward baby showers, and I deserve to tell you from experience that one of the things that makes a baby shower so fun and also effective is the games that are played! If there’s nopoint to break the ice, there’s going to be an awful lot of awkward silence!

This is where games choose baby shower charades, baby shower pictionary and also a giant list of words to play via really comes in handy (don’t worry we’ve acquired you covered)! There are lots of various baby shower games to be played, yet I will only obtain into the ones that involve baby words. Here are some of the games that these words deserve to use to:

Game Ideas

Baby Scramble: Take a bunch of baby words and also sindicate scramble them up, leaving an area next to the scrambled word for each attendee to write the unscrambled word. Set a timer and also whoever has the most words appropriately unscrambled is the winner!Baby Word Search: You can find these virtual or make your very own. Using a word bank of baby-associated words, hide them in a block complete of various other letters. Each word that is discovered should be circled.Baby Crossword: Describe things that are pertained to a baby, and these are the words that will be filled into the puzzle.Baby Charades: If you really desire to get people up and social, this is a good one to play at a baby shower. Write a bunch of different baby words on paper which will be drawn from a hat and acted out.Baby Pictionary: Split into groups and also elect an artist. The artist will certainly race a clock to attract out a baby word that was picked from a hat and the team need to guess it to obtain the points. If the team cannot guess in time, then one more team gets a swarm at it for the points! Baby shower pictionary is certainly a mainstay for eincredibly baby shower.Baby Bingo: Each person will certainly write in baby items on their BINGO grid, and also area a mark over each one that gets referred to as out until they gain their 5 in a row! BINGO!

Baby Shower Charades, Pictionary and also Bingo Words Lists

With every one of these word games, you will certainly require a list of baby words to help make the games (and prizes)!


CrySmileCooHiccupBurpFartNurseBabbleGigglePoopSuck thumbRoll overSit upCruiseCrawlWalk


OnesieHatSocksShoesSleepersGownSwaddleMittensBootiesCloth diapersWearable blanket


DiapersWipesBottlesNipplesBottle brushesBottle warmerBibsBurp clothsReceiving blanketsBaby washBaby powderBaby oilDiaper rash creamBaby lotionHooded towelPacifiersRattleCrib mattressMattress coverMobileWipe warmerChildren’s booksTeepoint ringsDiaper bagChanging padChanging matGrooming kitBowlsBaby spoonsSippy cupsBaby formulaBaby foodRice cereal

Baby Gear

High chairWalkerBouncerActivity gymExersaucerFloor seatPack n’ playPlaypenBaby swingCar seatStrollerVibrating seatCribChanging tableRocking chairBassinet

The Not-So-Pleasant

Cradle CapDiaper RashColicBlowoutSpit upFussyEngorgementWake upsRestlessnessBooboosTeethingCracked nipples

Health and also Safety

First aid kitGas dropsGripe waterTeething tabsDoorknob coversOutlet coversBaby gatesCabinet locksToilet seat lockBaby monitor

Mommy Needs

Nipple creamBreast padsBreast pumpMilk storage bagsNursing topsNursing brasNursing pillowCoffee (lol)

Video Game Supplies

Super Useful Timer

Many games of these games use a timer. Smartphones are nice, however messing with lock screens and notifications gets old. Once you gain a 10 digit timer, you won’t go earlier. Don’t feel poor about picking among these up for the shower because you’ll use it while cooking, or playing games with your little ones.

These timers have actually stands, clips and magnets. You can stand also it on a table, clip it to your jeans, or connect it to the refrigerator. My husband attaches it to his belt once grilling food to save track of grilling times.



Yes, you might usage simple, white printer paper, however just how much more fun is the blue or pink paper for printing on?

Check Etsy’s Prices:

Customized Baby Shower Favor Pencils


This is a cute, and inexpensive shower favor. Perfect for filling out the game sheets, however shows the majority of care and attention. Yes, you might usage school bus yellow pencils, however why not make a boring pencil right into a cute decoration and party favor? That’s a lot more unique.

Along through fun games at the shower, the other facet to a baby shower that can make or break it is the food! Who doesn’t love a party via great food? Heck, you can even usage baby words to offer the food selections baby-themed names!

If you’re at all curious how this word list could be offered, here’s a great video demonstrating:

Baby Shower Charades Video:

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