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Whenever before the maiden name is different from married name for woguys, is tbelow a verb for identifying a married woman that is recognized by her maiden name?


There is really no prevalent means to recognize a woguy that has actually preserved her maiden name. (Or to recognize a married woman that does not use the term Mrs., for that issue. A womale that offers the term Dr. for instance.)

The commonly provided technique for identifying a womale as having actually a various name from her maiden name is:

Née -- It is the French feminine past participle of naître (to be born).

In various other words: Jane Jones née Smith means Jane Jones (that was born Jane Smith).

Compare this exercise to women that hyphenate their names: Jane Smith-Jones. Where aobtain, Smith is her maiden name, and also Jones is her married name.

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Née can still be offered to identify a woguy who has kept her maiden name, as its meaning is still born. And, I"ve seen this building and construction applied in the past. But, it feels quite stselection to watch Jane Jones née Jones. Most would certainly assume that she married a male of the exact same name.

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