A blistering viral video reflects a man in an elevator pummeling a stranger that coughed on him and other passengers.

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The video was uploaded by Liveleak and later moved to the r/publicfreakout subreddit, wbelow it has earned a staggering 72,000 upvotes at the time of this writing.

The footage starts through a hooded male standing alone inside the elevator. Two more passengers conveniently shuffle into the elevator, among them wearing a newsboy cap and also wheeling a handcart.

The elevator door closes yet breaks open a couple of secs later on as a fourth, longhaired passenger tries to board. The hooded man seems to deny him enattempt with a wave of his hand also, yet the new passenger isn’t having actually it. The longhaired man pushes the door open and also barges inside, making the tight area also even more crowded.

The longhaired man shows up to take a combative stance nearly instantly. He leers in the direction of the woman and hatted male, then clears his mask and spits on the hatted man.

The man’s initial reactivity is subdued. He moves his handcart to the side and grabs the spitter by the arms, as if to restraight him. The longhaired guy resists and also tries to press the hatted guy amethod, at which suggest the hatted male proceeds to provide him a brutal ass-whupping.

Douche Bag Gets Punched in the Mouth for Coughing on a Woman in an Elevator from PublicFreakout

The hatted male grabs his adversary by his hair and also the scruff of his jacket and repeatedly shoves him against the elevator wall. He then pushes him to the ground and backs him versus another wall, wbelow he lays in a fetal position as the thrashing proceeds.

By this suggest, the other 2 passengers have actually disembarked. The woguy returns to beckon the hatted man off the elevator. He eventually leaves, but not by himself. Instead, he grabs the spitter by his hair again and drags him across the floor and also off the elevator. 

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As the longhaired guy lays crumpled on the ground, the hatted man and woguy board the elevator aobtain to resume their journey. The longhaired male provides one last-ditch effort to retaliate, yet the hatted guy shoves him away from the door and also closes it. 

Redditors were stunned and also thrilled by the beating.

“Definition of male tackled, considering lengthy hair just went fetal as shortly as he was touched, I was surprised he came earlier the 2nd time,” u/ridic_ulass created.

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Five-star reviews abounded in the comments.

“That was remarkable. Loved the ‘organize my beer’ minute with his trolly. And the lady simply took it without question,” u/hudson_lowboy created. “He OWNED that male as well. Wasn’t also a dispute. This just wequipped my heart in many methods.”

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