So I encounterd a bug on the xbox one that I belive happens as soon as you turn off your console however it's in rapid begin up mode so it isnt really turned off. When I began the game aget I played for an hour as soon as I tried to conserve it sassist "You cannot save best now" so I assumed that's weird so I believed I could have to end up my existing mission however that dident assist.. so I hard reseted the consingle and also I can save again yet I lost 1 hour of gameplay. Really hope they resolve this!


Yeah, I think the exact same thing just happened to me. Lost around an hour's worth of playtime. Looks like we're not the only ones either.

Ditto. COMPUTER, 1.05. Happened as soon as I travecaused Skellige, so I assumed it was a plot thing. Really amped up the stress and anxiety, not being able to unperform it - but um, I really carry out should conserve. : )

Happened to me just now. It won't let me conserve. That's after proceeding from where I left off appropriate currently on Xbox One

I had a similar concern yet on pc. But it was right after I had just done an animation of some kind. But I noticed that every time I had the "conserve bug" I was in the middle of an computer animation. So say if I was sprinting and also immediately tried to conserve it would certainly tell me I couldn't. But if I let the animation end up and pertained to a complete stop it would let me. Might be various in your situation however believed it can be worth pointing out.

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I'm on Xbox One, had the save issue, then tried standing totally still and also it let me save. Good call!

Yeah it occurred to me this day on the PS4. I also think it might be pertained to the suspend/ resume feature. I looked at my playtime and it said I've played much longer than a day which is not the case. Maybe certain things are running in the game that shouldn't be as soon as the console is off and it's breaking the game.

Just happened to me, and also currently after tough rebeginning my Xbox it won't even fill. It simply sits on the title screen saying "Please Wait". According to some forums I check out my just alternative might be to delete the game records and also reinstall. How. Incredibly. Irritating.

(About 7 hrs of gameplay)

I've gained this happening to me ideal currently. Won't get past the "Please wait" screen. Did you discover a way round it? Or did you have to delete game files?

I had an issue prefer this on PC. Wouldn't let me meditate either. On a hunch, I went and also completed an old, really low level quest I never finiburned, and it autosaved once I did. That cleared the bug. I would certainly guess a conserve acquired interrupted, and forcing an additional made it recollection (though it won't let you conserve manually, thinking one iwas in the middle).

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I just completed one search and now I can't quickconserve, but I have the right to normal conserve.