Suggested level: 26

Group: Key Quests

Location: Velen

This pursuit starts automatically once the "Blood on the Battlefield" search is completed. It be once you and Ciri arrive at the Road to Bald Mountain signpost.

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Vesemir"s death tore a gaping hole in Ciri"s heart and left just a burning drive for revenge to fill it. This drive shed all the greater when she learned from Avallac"h that Imlerith, the general of the Hunt that murdered Vesemir, would be attfinishing the Crones" sabbath on Bald Mountain. Ciri smelled blood and made a decision at as soon as to travel to No Man"s Land and kill Imlerith. Geralt, that calculating, practical-minded witcher, as usual caved instantly to his embraced daughter"s wishes and agreed to accompany her on this exploration. The pair therefore slipped out of Kaer Morhen in the cool light of morning and also galloped off to discover vengeance.

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Prior quests

To begin Bald Mountain you have to first finish Blood on the Battlefield.

Quest stages of Bald Mountain

1. Find a method to the mountain"s summit.

Follow the course to the village at the foot of Bald Mountain and also tbelow you will certainly meet some villagers that have actually come right here to celebrate. When you tell them that you desire to get to the peak of the mountain, one of them, Stregomir, will direct you to Thecla, because only she deserve to make it possible for you.

2. Talk to Thecla and get permission to climb the hill.

On the means to Thecla"s tent, you"ll satisfy Johnny (and Sarah, if you chased her out of the residence in Novigrad). He will confirm that Imlerith is at the top of the mountain and will advise you not to go there.

When you get to Thecla"s tent, she"ll accept Ciri to satisfy the Ladies, and also of course she"ll disapprove you. But you have the right to appeal and also accept her challenge to prove that you are worthy.

3. Retrieve the coin Thecla threw in the water by using your Witcher Senses. / Give the coin to Thecla.

Thecla will certainly throw a coin - Defier"s Oren, right into a small and also dark lake located below and tell you to discover it and bring it earlier to her.

Jump down right into the lake, dive, kill 2 drowners (5) and also find the coin lying at the bottom.

Then go back to the surconfront and climb the rocks to the left to gain out of the lake. Tbelow you"ll run into a fifinish (26) guarding the route on your left, that you"ll have to kill if you obtain also cshed to it. But it is possible to not fight it. Just follow the route to the appropriate and also up the rocks. This course is also shorter.

Then go back to the village. When you lug the coin earlier to Thecla, she will certainly agree to let you go, and tell you to present the coin to the guard on the various other side of the gate. Her mhelp, Marica, will lead you to the the Bald Mountain gate and also open up it for you.

4. Travel the route to the peak of Bald Mountain. / Defeat Fugas.

After you pass the gate you will certainly enrespond to Fugas (26). When you present him the coin, you"ll discover out it was a rusage, and you"ll be struck by him.

When you kill him, Ciri will tell you he"s going to kill Imlerith. You disagree, then Ciri will certainly propose you to play "rock, paper, scissors" around that will certainly face Vesemir"s murderer. You will win and also Ciri will certainly have to attend to the Crones, and you will certainly go to fulfill Imlerith.

5. Penetrate to the heart of the tree"s roots.

Now you will take control of Ciri to fight the Ladies of the Wood. Jump down to the lake listed below...

...and then walk down the tunnel, and also after a while you"ll reach the cave wbelow the witches are. After exaltering a few words, you will certainly begin fighting with each various other.

6. Kill the 3 Crones. / Use Battach to strike all three Crones and also disturb their spell.

You"ll have to fight three crones at as soon as - Brewess (28), Whispess (28), and Weavess (28). It won"t be a simple fight. It"s ideal to focus on Brewess at first, because she"s the slowest and simplest to beat. Stay in motion, do not let the crones surround you, use the charge and battach once possible, be patient and sooner or later on the witches will certainly autumn.

After the fight, when Ciri will certainly be checking the bodies, it will revolve out that among the witches is still alive, she will certainly surpincrease Ciri, rip off Vesemir"s medallion from her neck, turn into ravens and flee.

7. Find Imlerith.

You"ll be playing as Geralt aacquire. Follow the rocky path to the top of the hill and you will certainly reach the clearing where you will certainly fulfill Imlerith. While talking to him, you deserve to pick any of the choices and also after a while you will start fighting via each various other.

8. Kill Imlerith.

Imlerith"s blows are exceptionally solid so Quen authorize is extremely beneficial as soon as fighting him. The fight will consist of 2 phases. Throughout the initially phase, Imlerith will be pretty slow and also he"ll use a shield. If you gain too much away from him, he will certainly be teleporting behind your ago. So stay alert and also store relocating.

When you take away around two-thirds of his life points, phase 2 will certainly begin. Imlerith will certainly drop the shield and also begin attacking via both hands and much much faster. He" ll likewise teleport himself much even more regularly. Avoid his series of strikes and also counterstrike when feasible.When his life points fall close to zero, a scene will begin in which you will certainly see Geralt burning Imlerith"s confront with an Igni authorize and then finishing him via his own weapon.

9. Talk to Ciri when you are prepared to go to Novigrad.

When the fight is over, Ciri will certainly join you. You"ll talk for a while, and as soon as you"re prepared, you"ll go to Novigrad together to satisfy Triss and Yennefer.

Vengeance is what they found, and, though served heat, it was nonethemuch less sweet. The duo found their method to the top of Bald Mountain and tbelow Ciri eliminated two of the three Crones while Geralt triumphed in a deathcomplement against Imlerith. The only bitter note - the 3rd Crone escaped, taking through her Vesemir"s medallion, the only memento Ciri had actually maintained of her dead frifinish and also mentor.

After completing Bald Mountain you will get or will certainly be able to acquire Final Preparations.

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