File photoA dusting of snow greeted Thomas County occupants last January 3 and also Thomasville Utilities noticed a spike in intake. But much warmer temperatures this year have actually supposed less energy consumption.

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THOMASVILLE — Local residents were excited about the unmeant snowautumn on Jan. 3, 2018, but they were not specifically all set.

Jan. 3, 2019, is a various weather story for Thomasville Utilities (TU). Revenue is down appreciably bereason of this year’s balmy weather.

“This year compared to Jan. 1 last year, we’re dvery own 39 percent in electrical energy offered in a 24-hour period,” sassist Christ White, TU assistant superintendent.

On Wednesday, the percent of power offered was dvery own 47 percent.

TU averages about $150,000 a day in electric sales. Wednesday’s sales were cshed to fifty percent of the average amount sold, White sassist.

On New Year’s Day in 2018, the Thomasville low temperature was 32 levels. This year it was 62.

Last year on Jan. 2, the low was 30 levels, with a high of 41, compared to a low of 92 and a high of 80 on the very same day this year.

On Thursday, the one-year anniversary of the scurrently — when the low was in the 20s — the low temperature was 60 and the high 73.

White shelp the amount of revenue shed would certainly be calculated at the finish of the Jan. 3 24-hour period.

The TU shortautumn is not budgeted, he sassist.

“Normally, it functions itself out over a 12-month duration,” White shelp.



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