Bankrupt- unable to pay superior debts.Reform-make changes in social, political, or financial school or practiceEclaims General- the representative assembly of the 3 Esays Deputies-a parliamentary representative in certain countriesCahiers de doleances-were the lists of grievances drawn up by each of the 3 Esays in France National assembly-the elected legislature in France during the initially component of the French RevolutionConstitution-the complace of something.Tennis court oath- a vow to not to sepaprice, and to reassemble wherever before situations require
They spent all of their money fighting costly battles, and also Queen Marie- Antoinette invested as well a lot money on luxuries.

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Why might members of the 3rd estate have actually felt under-stood for at the meeting of the Esays General in May 1789?
The members of the Third Estate felt under-stood for because they did not organize the political or social persuade that the various other two states had. The First Estate was the clergy and the 2nd Estate was the nobility, this intended that they had actually a great deal of political, social and financial sway which would certainly have actually given them more power than the Third Estate.
The king hoped the mansions general would certainly approve new taxes. The nobles and the clergy hoped they would certainly control the affairs to proceed their privileged lifeformats. The Middles classes hoped for an English style democracy. The peasants hoped for remedies to their problems.
What mistakes did Louis make at the meeting, and what did his mistakes lead to? (clue: look at problem
1. He lugged French soldiers with him that intimidated many kind of voters. 2. He was unprepared; did not have actually any type of proposals to vote on; shed control of the meeting.

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According to this short article the villages were full of weak males and also womales with many youngsters wearing rags and also most villperiods were prefer this
All the peasants in our neighbourhood - Brittany kind of - are making prepared to refusage the church tax-gatherers and state that nopoint will certainly be taken without bloodshed
Using the information on this sheet, and also your previous work-related on the reasons of the French rdevelopment, write an extensive answer to the question, "Why was France on the brink of rdevelopment by 1789?" Refer to and also quote from resources in your answer.
In etop quality between classesPoor government spendingPoor cropsThird class trying to make a changeThe federal government was broke
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