In the first episode of pokemon, Ash sees a Ho-oH flying overhead, yet it wasn"t well-known around (at least by Prof. Oak) until the second generation of pokemon.

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When Ash hatches a Pokemon egg and gets Togepi in "who gets to save Togepi", the pokedex comes up via nopoint acomponent from a name.


Are tbelow any type of other pokemon we obtain to see before their generation"s seachild of the (Up to generation 5)


User Caciulacdlac on Bulbapedia has compiled a list of Pokemon that showed up before their generation starts airing. I assume the Japan broadactors day is offered as the criteria.

The totality answer below is mainly based upon the attach over, and a number of various other articles on Bulbapedia.

All the dates cited listed below will be Japan broadactors days. Episode numbering will certainly follow the numbering supplied by Bulbapedia.

Generation II

Episode 117, aired on October 14, 1999, marks the begin of the The Johto Journeys (seakid 3), and also also the begin of generation II. The Pokemon provided below are from generation II, but appeared in the prior to the journey to Johto began.

Generation III

The initially episode of Cutting edge Generation series, aired on November 21, 2002, marks the begin of Pokémon: Advanced seaboy (seachild 6), and likewise the begin of generation III. The Pokemon noted listed below are from generation III, but appeared in the prior to generation III (to Hoenn) started.

Generation IV

The first episode of Diamond and Pearl series, aired on September 28, 2006, marks the start of Pokemon: Diamond and also Pearl season (seaboy 10) and also additionally the start of generation IV. The Pokemon noted below are from generation IV, yet showed up in the prior to the journey to Sinnoh began.

Generation V

The initially episode of Best Wishes series, aired on September 23, 2010, marks the begin of generation V. The Pokemon listed below are from generation V, but showed up in the prior to the journey to Unova began.

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Generation VI

The initially episode of XY Series, aired on October 17, 2013, marks the begin of generation VI. The Pokemon detailed below are from generation VI, yet showed up in the before the journey to Kalos began.