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Graduation has come and also gone and also now the teachers look forward to a well-deoffered vacation through their new boyfriends. Unfortunately, things rarely go according to setup once their hotel doesn’t have sufficient rooms for everyone.

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E1 | First Period

How was Ichiro meant to know his teacher, Kana, was using the men’s restroom? And currently she requirements his aid through WHAT in the infirmary!?


E2 | Second Period

Ichiro and Kana are trapped inside a laundromat during a thunderstorm! Afterward, summer vacation is ultimately here! So, why is Kana at Ichiro’s residence babysitting his sister?


E3 | Third Period

There’s more than likely a perfectly innocent, unsuspicious reason why Kana’s currently in Ichiro’s room. On a related note, is Ichiro’s mother as much as somepoint, or is that just paranoia?

E4 | 4th Period

Kana and Ichiro discover themselves all alone on the beach and in denial of their feelings. But there’s sundisplay to rub on and also venomous bites to treat…

E5 | Fifth Period

Mayu wishes to thrive closer with Rin and also lunchtime provides the perfect chance! Later, Rin need to shield Mayu from prying eyes after her shirt gets captured in the train door.

E6 | Sixth Period

Rin and Mayu run into each other on a rainy day. Later, Mayu recalls once she first met Rin.

E7 | Seventh Period

Takashi retransforms home and finds Hikari in his bed. Later, Hikari decides she’s taking Takashi shopping whether he wants to or not.

E8 | Eighth Period

Takahashi’s coming dvery own with hypothermia and Hikari must heat him up. Later, Hikari’s mischievous nature catches approximately Rin and also Mayu. Handcuffs are connected.

E9 | Ninth Period

Hikari grows jealous of Takahashi and also Saya’s connection, leading to an embarrassing minute for everyone involved. Has this lastly price Hikari her bond via Takahashi?

E10 | Tenth Period

Koh vows to find a girlfrifinish before graduation, however it’s not prefer he’s gained the possibility to accomplish girls. Wait… Why the Hell is the School Nurse Here at his job!?

E11 | Eleventh Period

Koh humors Chizuru by agreeing to separation her lottery prize, but he doesn"t know she"s about to hit the jackpot. Now they"re going on an all-costs passist vacation together!

E12 | Twelfth Period

Koh didn’t gain any chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Will his luck change after he runs into Chizuru? Either method, graduation is approaching and also he has actually yet to discover a girlfrifinish...

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