The author of the paper says that if drugs can be illegalized, why cannot marijuana be banned too when it is just an additional drug? It is just one of the potential reasons of an increase in crime, violence, wellness care issues and also joblessness in society…

Marijuana need to not be legalized!Over the previous few years, most controversy has been carried out on whether or not marijuana have to be legalized. Marijuana is simply another drug whose consumption provides human being addicted to it. Protecting nation’s health and wellness is an duty upon the government, so it should not legalize marijuana because legalizing it will certainly promote drug abuse, violence, immorality and also infertility in males, memory loss, hearing disability and weakening of the immune mechanism.Marijuana is well-off in toxic chemicals.

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When marijuana is smoked, the hundreds of chemicals that it has obtain distorted into thousands. The chemicals marijuana has are highly psychoactive and also toxic in nature. Marijuana causes a lot of health disorders that include however are not restricted to premature aging, cancer, brain tumor, depression, excessive aggression, memory loss and weakening of immune device. Marijuana particularly aggravates the health disorders in patients of AIDS. In patients of AIDS, marijuana decreases the body’s capability to fight the impacts of illness by weakening the immune system.

Marijuana smokers that test positive for HIV develop the full-blvery own AIDS through a rate that is twice as a lot as it is in the situation of non smokers. In addition to the standard ways in which marijuana deterioprices the smoker’s health and wellness, it rises the smoker’s tendency to take even more dangerous drugs at a later stage. The likelihood of teenagers smoking cigarettes marijuana to consume cocaine is much more as compared to teens that carry out not consume marijuana at the outcollection. A large majority of children smoke marijuana and also later start to consume cocaine.

Besides, marijuana cigarette smoking youngsters lose interest in researches. Marijuana becomes the many important requirement of their life. In schools that ban marijuana, students tfinish to bunk classes and smoke marijuana in covert spots. In order to store their friends from learning their trick, they tfinish to store amethod from friends and also are progressively puburned into social exclusion that ruins their individual and social life. One of the potential causes of infertility in males is the intake of marijuana. Marijuana causes the sperms in testes to undergo premature apoptosis.

This causes the male marijuana smokers to become impotent. This adversely affects their marital life. Husbands’ disturbed physical connection through their spouses also damages the partnership at the emotional level, and also the growing tensions might cause divorce. Owing to the deteriorating effect of marijuana on wellness, federal government should ban its usage both as a drug and as medicine. Marijuana’s sale at stores should be disenabled and also public access to it must be made totally difficult. Government assumes both legal and moral responsibility to protect the culture and also provide the country via defense versus all such determinants that are harmful for the country in any kind of means.

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If drugs can be illegalized, why deserve to not marijuana be banned too as soon as it is just an additional drug? It is one of the potential reasons of increase in crime, violence, health treatment issues and unemployment in the culture. The demerits of marijuana consumption outweigh its benefits. Accordingly, it have to never be legalized.