History >> Biography >> Old ChinaOccupation: Emperor of ChinaBorn: February 17, 624 Lizhou, ChinaDied: December 16, 705 in Luoyang, ChinaReign: October 16, 690 to February 22, 705Best well-known for: The just womale to be Emperor of ChinaBiography:
Empress Wu Zetian by Unknown
Growing UpWu Zetian was born on February 17, 624 in Lizhou, China. She prospered up in a well-off aristocratic household and her father was a high ranking minister in the government. Unlike many type of girls of her time, Wu was provided a great education and learning. She was taught to review, create, and to play music. Wu was an intelligent and also ambitious girl that learned all she can about politics and how the federal government functioned.

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The Imperial PalaceWhen Wu was fourteen she moved right into the imperial royal residence to serve the Emperor Taizong. She ongoing her education and learning at the royal residence until the emperor died in 649. As was the custom, when the emperor passed away she was sent out to a convent to become a nun for the remainder of her life. Wu had other plans, but. She came to be romantic via the brand-new emperor, Emperor Gaozong, and also quickly found herself ago at the imperial palace as conkind (choose a second wife) to the emperor.Becoming EmpressBack at the palace, Wu started to acquire affect over the emperor. She came to be one of his favorite wives. The emperor"s primary wife, Empress Wang, came to be jealous and also the 2 womales became bitter rivals. When Wu"s daughter passed away, she hatched a setup against the Empush. She told the emperor that Empress Wang had actually killed her daughter out of jealousy. The emperor believed her and also had Empush Wang arrested. He then promoted Wu to Empress.
Over the next a number of years, Wu establiburned herself as a far-ranging power behind the throne. She gathered solid allies in the government and also eliminated rivals. When the emperor became sick in 660, she started to rule through him.Becoming EmperorIn 683, Emperor Gaozong died and also Wu"s kid came to be emperor. Wu came to be regent (prefer a temporary ruler) while her kid was still young. Although she didn"t yet have actually the title of emperor, she had all the power. In 690, Wu had actually her son step down as emperor. She then asserted a brand-new dynasty, the Zhou Empire, and officially took the title of emperor. She was the initially and just woguy to end up being emperor of China.Secret PoliceIt was tough for a womale to keep power in Ancient China. Wu managed this by using trick police to spy on civilization. She arisen a big mechanism of spies who aided determine that was loyal and that wasn"t. Wu rewarded those who were discovered loyal, but had actually her opponents put to death.Ruling ChinaAnvarious other reason that Wu was able to store power was bereason she was a really good emperor. She made intelligent decisions that helped China to prosper. She surrounded herself through competent and talented world by promoting human being based upon their abilities quite than by their family background.Throughout her reign, Empress Wu increased the borders of China by dominating new lands in Korea and Central Asia. She likewise helped to improve the stays of the peasants by lowering taxes, building new public works, and also improving farming techniques.DeathEmpush Wu died in 705. Her boy, Emperor Zhongzong, took over as emperor and also reestablished the Flavor Empire.

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Interesting facts about Empush Wu ZetianBecause Confucianism didn"t allow woguys to dominance, Wu elevated the faith of Buddhism as the state religion in China.Three of Wu"s sons ruled as emperor at some allude.Some scholars think that Wu killed her very own daughter in order to frame the Empress Wang.Her birth name was Wu Zhao. Emperor Taizong gave her the nickname "Mei", which implies "pretty."ActivitiesTake a ten question quiz about this web page.Listen to a videotaped analysis of this page:Your internet browser does not support the audio facet.For even more indevelopment on the world of Ancient China:
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