Why Is Trunks' Hair Blue? (& 9 Other Questions About Him, Answered) Trunks is among the a lot of mysterious characters in Dragon Ball– future or otherwise– and also his blue haired rerotate in Super only increased even more concerns.

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Trunks Dragon Ball
Besides Goku and also Vegeta, there are a pair of characters that have had a substantial say in the method various storylines have panned out Dragon Ball Z and also in Dragon Ball Super. Of course, Gohan and also Piccolo are 2, however Trunks takes the cake right here, particularly the one coming from the future.

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Future Trunks has been the resource of some remarkable activity in the anime and also it"s not a surpclimb that over the years he has come to be a fan favorite. Being a central character in one of the best anime of all time, it"s just intended for fans to have actually some questions about him, and below are some curious ones answered.

When Trunks was born, he was a really mischievous boy and in the time of his childhood, he loved to disrespect everyone, until they did something to make him respect them. This is a trait he gets from his father and probably also Bulma that loves to shout at human being. Moreover, Trunks commonly acts a bit selfish, cocky, and outspoken and also that aacquire comes from his father, Vegeta. Trunks will provide everything for his family, though, just prefer all the Dragon Ball warriors.

9 Why Are Future Trunks & Kid Trunks So Different?

Trunks Dragon Ball
As discussed over, Trunks, as a kid, was very disrespectful. He liked being an extremely well-off son and also would normally act favor a bully yet that is somepoint that cannot be shelp about Future Trunks, that comes across as one of the best-behaved personalities in the anime. He is caring, loving, and respects his seniors. Future Trunks is not necessarily the future of Kid Trunks, rather, they are both from various timelines, which means both Future Trunks and Kid Trunks have resided in two entirely different people and for this reason have actually different characters.

Vegeta's Great Ape develop in Dragon Ball Z
When Trunks was a child, he was fascinated by his father"s toughness and also he had actually astronomical respect for him, which has continued to prosper over the years. The History of Trunks features a scene that argues Bulma has maintained some details around Vegeta"s previous to herself.

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Imagine Trunks learning that the father he idolized was a monster once he first came down on Planet and also wanted to kill eexceptionally human? It"s better that he doesn"t recognize the fact.

7 What"s Trunks" Relationship History?

Tbelow isn"t a lot focus on Trunks" individual life in Dragon Ball Z however in Dragon Ball Super, he is shown to be in a relationship with a future version of Mai. She is the very same girl that shows up as a kid in the anime and also Kid Trunks appears to have a crush on her. She was introduced as component of the Pilaf gang and also once Future Trunks met her, she was awestruck.

Vegeta"s cocky nature is nopoint brand-new. He says he does not treatment around anypoint and calls it Saiyan pride once in reality it is just for present. When Trunks was born, he couldn"t care much less that he was his son; so a lot so that baby Trunks didn"t even identify him as his dad. But after watching Future Trunks die, something taken place to Vegeta and he began taking an energetic interemainder in his son"s life as it always should have actually been.

5 When Did Kid Trunks First Turn Super Saiyan?

Goku and Vegeta had to earn the possibility to transcreate right into a Super Saiyan the difficult way but for Trunks, it appeared like nopoint. Salso years after beating Cell, Vegeta was training via Trunks inside the Gravity Room and also because he had actually trained considering that he learned exactly how to walk, Trunks had the ability to turn Super Saiyan, in front of his dad, at the age of 8. He was additionally able to land a solid blow on his father, earning him a present.

Goten is younger than Trunks, yet they share a brilliant bond. Their bond has actually only end up being deeper in Dragon Ball Super as they seem to share almost every little thing, from picking gifts to training together.

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With Goten, Trunks is at his mischievous ideal and they are absolutely adorable together. They are also exceptionally solid.

3 When Was Gotenks Born?

Fusions are some of the ideal things in the Dragon Ball Universe and also Gotenks is an absolute fan favorite. Trunks & Goten"s fusion create is outspoken, solid, and periodically hilarious. They learned around the fusion dance as soon as Majin Buu was around and tright here was no one on Planet to save the planet. Goku taught them exactly how to usage and also while the first couple of attempts were very unsuccessful, Gotenks came extremely cshed to beating Evil Buu on his very own.

Trunks, as a boy, didn"t respect Goku at all, and one of the factors for that was the way Vegeta used to talk about Goku in front of him. Trunks" hate for Goku grew once Vegeta died trying to kill Majin Buu as he blamed Goku for not conserving his father. But once Trunks experienced Goku channel Super Saiyan 3, he was left bamboozled and it appeared his respect for Goku started flourishing. Trunks ultimately taken the sacrifices Goku and also Vegeta make in order to protect their loved ones.

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1 Why Is Trunks" Hair Blue In Dragon Ball Super?

There is some confusion as to why Future Trunks" hair is blue in Dragon Ball Super and not purple prefer in Dragon Ball Z. In the manga, Bulma and also Trunks both have actually purple hair. For the anime adaptation, Bulma"s hair was made blue while Trunks" was kept purple. By the time of Battle of Gods, Akira Toriyama had begun coloring both Trunks & Bulma via blue hair– not purple. While Toei kept kid Trunks" hair purple, Future Trunks" hair was made blue to match his modern-day character style.

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