COLUMBUS, Ohio — Having been Ohio State"s athletic director considering that 2005, Gene Smith is no stranger to criticism.

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And once the Buckeyes buck legacy, he"s concerned expect it.

So as soon as Nike revealed two weeks ago that Ohio State would certainly be wearing all-black unidevelops for the initially time ever before in this Saturday"s showdown through Penn State, Smith was ready. And certain sufficient, the messeras flooded the OSU AD"s inbox, a few of which summed up the main issue about the most drastic adjust in Buckeyes uniform background.

"I obtained a pair emails from world saying, "We"re not Oregon,"" Smith shelp, a recommendation to the Nike-sponsored Ducks" propensity for wearing flashy unidevelops. "You"re ideal. We"re not Oregon. We"re not going to be Oregon. We"re Ohio State University."

Only this Saturday, it might be tough to tell the distinction between the 2 programs" fashion senses.

Not that Buckeyes fans are any type of strangers to different looks, via Ohio State having worn at least one non-traditional getup per season dating back to 2009.

Several of the looks have actually mimicked uniforms the Buckeyes have actually worn in the previous, while others have put an extra modern-day spin on their existing sets, through chrome helmets, reflective numbers and also enlarged striping.

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But never before has actually Ohio State strayed from its traditional institution colors of scarlet and also gray.

According to Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer, he never before planned on doing so.

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While it"s Nike that comes up via the designs for Ohio State"s unidevelops, nothing happens within the Buckeyes" footround program without the approval of its de facto CEO. When its Oregon-based outfitter first proposed adopting an all-black look for Ohio State"s yearly alternate, Meyer"s initial instinct wregarding stick through heritage.

"I do not really acquire involved via the unicreates, specifically a place prefer Ohio State wright here you"re knee-deep in legacy," Meyer sassist. "Nike came to us and , "What carry out you think of this?" And my initially reactivity was, "No means, no possibility.""

Meyer"s opinion adjusted, but, when he acquired his initially look at Nike"s mockup of the proposed uniform.

"I looked and also said, "Whoa,"" the three-time national champion head coach rereferred to as. "It looked pretty sharp."

Perhaps conscious that some fans—and also former players—aren"t thrilled with the leave from the Buckeyes" traditional garb, Meyer was noticeably brief and uncomfortable when pointing out the alternative look earlier this week.

So much so, in reality, that Smith opted to host an impromptu press conference, wright here he further defined the process that resulted in this weekend"s look.

" bring a style to us. We"ll look at the style, we"ll kick it around, gain some input and also make some adjustments based upon what we think or feel should be added," Smith shelp.

"This certain weekend, that arisen too. So we looked at the original design, and they have some extremely imaginative people, obviously, yet we did not give the original design, so we included some of the elements that you"ll check out this weekfinish. And that"s occurred eextremely single year we"ve done that."

Those elements, Smith revealed, were the addition of even more scarlet, the Buckeyes" traditional primary shade, which can be seen in the jersey"s numbers, shoulder sleeves and also the piping of the pants.

It"s most likely that Nike"s original style looked something like the imeras that were floating approximately the Net at this time a year ago, after an interactive tour of Meyer"s office revealed an all-babsence mockup sitting on one of the head coach"s tables.

As it turned out, those images weren"t just revealing aesthetically, however also symbolically once it concerns why the Buckeyes will be wearing babsence unicreates in the first location.

"That was sitting out on his coffee table for a reason," Smith sassist. "That wasn"t for you men to come and also look at so he could impress you. It"s sitting on the table because the recruits saw it."

Which is what these unicreates are really all around in the initially location.

Since while Nike might insurance claim that the all-black outfit represents "the unyielding confidence of the eight-time nationwide champions," the truth is that it"s even more about making a solid impression during what is intended to be among Ohio State"s greatest recruiting weekends of the seakid.

Those inside the Buckeyes routine don"t think that a prospect would certainly choose to pertained to Columbus simply because of a uniform, however they have invited the chance to create a distinctive environment for their bevy of visitors.

Smith didn"t deny it either, admitting that while tbelow is financial worth in placing a new product on the sector, the primary purpose of the unidevelop is to aid make the Buckeyes more attractive—literally—to high institution prospects.

"Recruits are impressionable now and also have actually a good deal of materialistic interemainder," he sassist. "So the fact is we"re going to respond to that. Our task, our core mission is our student-athletes that we serve, initially and foremany. And that has the recruits we"re trying to attract."

Jerry Emig

The jerseys Ohio State will certainly wear in the dark…8 p.m. Oct. 17…Ohio Stadium…vs. Penn State: Right here. Right now!

How successful the Buckeyes have the right to be through this technique relies on whom you ask.

Star protective finish Joey Bosa—whose brvarious other, Nick, is a 5-star prospect committed to Ohio State"s 2016 class—shelp that neither he nor his brother are the kinds to be impressed by non-footround determinants.

"I do not know about other recruits, however my brvarious other, that"s most likely the last point he"s worried about is the color of a unicreate," the older Bosa said. "He"d go to Oregon if that"s what he"s worried around."

But Bosa later relented: "I"m pretty excited. They"re going to be sick."

That seems to be the sentiment inside the Buckeyes" locker room, where players have actually been raving about this weekend"s look because it was initially revearesulted in them. According to Meyer, they were a part of the process of obtaining the black unidevelops apconfirmed as well, although that was even more of a formality than anypoint else.

"The leaders of the team, I asked them," Meyer said. "And I"m certain you understand their reaction."

That reactivity might"ve been even more unanimous inside the halls of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center than it was outside of it, where some—including those that emailed Smith—have actually voiced displeacertain via what they perceive as a radical adjust to one of college football"s many storied programs.

While Meyer might attempt to distance himself from the decision to go all-babsence this weekfinish, the buck eventually stops with him when it comes choices of this magnitude. 

And Meyer does have actually a track document of testing the borders of what Buckeyes fans have been provided to in the previous.

Whether it be the raised frequency with which Ohio State has actually worn different unicreates or the plethora of night games that have been played at The Horseshoe, Meyer has actually made one message clear given that getting here in Columbus in 2012: Recruiting trumps all.

Meyer has shelp as much in the past, explaining that once it involves heritage vs. the recruiting trail, he"ll frequently favor the latter.

"I love tradition," Meyer said in the time of a Q&A session on the Buckeye Cruise For Cancer in 2013. "But I love recruiting much better."

"You begin thinking about the student body, the fans and also the distinct experience of recruiting players," Meyer sassist. "It"s kind of a distinct experience."

For some, it could be a little as well unique, however as long as Meyer"s in charge, the Buckeyes will proceed to discover eexceptionally viewed edge that they have the right to include to a regime that"s had no shortage of them under the direction of its head coach.

Oregon? Not rather. This is heritage mixed via as a lot modernism as Meyer deserve to acquire away via.

And as long as he keeps winning, he will not hesitate to use the best of both to his advantage.

Ben Axelrod is Bleacher Report"s Big Ten lead writer. You have the right to follow him on Twitter
BenAxelrod. Unless listed otherwise, all quotes were acquired firsthand. All statistics courtesy of Recruiting ranemperors courtesy of 247Sports.

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