Soo, to begin off my Ps2 is the version SCPH-39004, and also I tried connecting it to two different TVs. On the one hand my new HDTV and also on the other some random old CRT TV we had actually laying about at home. Also I am making use of compowebsite cables via an AV adapter (I think?). First I tried it on the old TV: No colours. Just babsence and also white. The TV definitely would have the ability to output colour tho. Trying to examine if its an worry of the PS2 I connected it to the HDTV after that and saw that it screens colour simply fine. My guess is that some setting on the old TV is wrong, and also I dont recognize how to accessibility them through the crappy aftersector remote. Or are tbelow any type of other possibilities?

Thanks in breakthrough for an answer!


If you try to use composite cables in component jacks that will reason a babsence and also white photo. Otherwise, double examine the settings on the ps2. The tv need to take whatever before is sent in offered you provided the ideal ports and cables.

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You can likewise check what happens if you connect a dvd player up to the crt to rule out any kind of difficulties through the tv.

Maybe think about adding the crt's model number or a snapshot of the ago of the tv to your initial article. Someone can know the tv's food selection and settings and also be able to diagnose the difficulty much better.

I obtained something wrong in my write-up I just noticed! I plug the composite cables into a scart adapter as the old TV only supports that. I am doing the exact same on my new tv though, and also it functions flawlessly tbelow.

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I will certainly attempt it with my old ps1 aswell actual quick, dont have actually a dvd player unfortunately!

Alappropriate, PS1 is in B&W aswell. Is tbelow any kind of possibility theres a "difference" in between the scart port of the old and the brand-new tv?

The same point happened to me once I first gained my composite cables for my ps2. I was puzzled at first as soon as it was black and also white on this new hdtv yet then I realized that my tv input was on av so I switched it to compowebsite and also it was all in shade. Maybe you have it on the wrong input.

My TV unfortunately just has actually an AV input (so i am making use of a compowebsite to AV adapter) and also I cannot change anypoint in the settings because of a stupid child lock :p

Some various other guy already looked into it pretty detailedly, and also the TV is probably switched to S-video mode which causes compowebsite input to be babsence and white. Guess I will certainly buy a S-video cable and also adapter some day and see if it works! And until then I will usage an emulator haha

Thanks for the comment tho :)


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