Waiting for your phone’s battery to boost might gain quite irritating if the moment taken is also long. In the procedure, one has a tendency to begin using the phone which even more delays a complete charge. The giant Keep in mind 8 that has a non-removable 3300 mAH battery is just one of the ideal smartphones roughly. Even though the gadget has actually lately been launched tbelow are some individuals who are dealing with slow charging worries on their device.

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Samsung provides rapid charging for both wireless and also cable charging. So ideally your phone have to be charged 100% in around 1 hour 30 minutes, considering you haven’t touched your phone eincredibly time to check things. You deserve to conserve a secondary 15 or 20 minutes if you rotate it off or charge in the Airplane mode. But if you find your Keep in mind 8 taking a very long time then there might be a difficulty. So, if you are encountering this issue on your gadget, review this article as we have actually disputed right here just how to fix Galaxy Keep in mind 8 slow charging worries.

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How To Fix Galaxy Keep in mind 8 Slow Charging Issues

Check Whether Fast Charging is Enabled

The initially thing that you can want to take into consideration is to inspect whether the quick charging has been permitted on your Keep in mind 8. Here is how to inspect. Both wireless and cable charger users will follow the very same step.


Go to Setups on your Note 8Scroll dvery own to Battery alternative on this screenTap on Battery to obtain even more optionsBesides various other options tright here will certainly be two options crucial for this instance – one is Rapid cable Charging and the second is Fast Wiremuch less ChargingDepending on the mode of charging cable or wiremuch less examine whether the option next to them has actually been allowed or notIf not then toggle them onThen exit the screen and charge your phone to check whether the charging procedure has actually been increased or not.

Check the Charging Port

The next solution to Galaxy Note 8 charging worries would be to check the charging port. This is meant for those who are utilizing cables to charge their phone. Examine the port of your Keep in mind 8 very closely and examine it for bent ports, liquid dameras or corrosion. Check if the cable is loose. If your port is damaged your Note 8 will certainly take time to charge.

Check the Cable

We have to admit that our charging cables go through a stormy time as soon as we stuff them right into our bags or pockets ruthlessly while carrying them to work-related or while travelling. If the cable has tears or cuts on it then most likely somepoint is damaged and also you will certainly have to take into consideration changing it.

Check the Charging Point

Anvarious other trouble can be a faulty charging point. A weak power source will certainly never before charge a smartphone quickly. Plug in a various mobile to inspect whether the exact same difficulty occurs for various other mobiles too or try switching to a various charging suggest. This might settle your trouble.

Check for Updates

Have you checked for updates lately? Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Updays > Check for Updays. There probably could be an update waiting for you already. Updays constantly come through fixes. If there is a problem in the software program it would be fixed.


Even after you have followed the above points and taken the essential measures to fix your Galaxy Keep in mind 8 sluggish charging concerns and the trouble seems to persist then it is ideal that you visit a Samsung authorized store or your carrier.

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