The drop test or cost-free fall test is among the the majority of used tests in the industry of move simulation and packaging optimization. This test permits us to recognize exactly how a vertical drop can affect the integrity of the packaging and the goods inside. Because of this, it offers information for the packaging’s architecture or redesign and confirms whether it is adequate to withstand the risks of the distribution cycle or not.

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We analyze the benefits of percreating a drop test, how it should be brought out and what standards call for it, and also some various other indevelopment.


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1 What is a drop test and also why you have to to bring it out?
2 What is the drop test procedure?
3 What drop test standards are there?
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3.2 > UPS
3.3 > FedEx
3.4 Other requirements
4 Which providers should bring out a drop test?

What is a drop test and also why you need to to carry it out?

A drop test, or cost-free autumn test, simulates vertical and rotational impacts that have the right to put goods at threat in the conmessage of a circulation cycle, mainly throughout dealing with and storage.

The drop influence test is perdeveloped in a laboratory context utilizing Drop Tester machines. These are simulation devices with a collection of features that make them indispensable to comply via countless worldwide standards.

Conducting this test is a critical action for distribution and marketing providers to ensure the safety and security of loads in the time of carry.

The major reason to bring out a package drop test is therefore to acquire indevelopment that permits designing a perfect packaging and securing the goods throughout carry. This outcomes in the reduction of uncrucial costs or loss because of damage.

Likewise, the picture of the agency is improved, considering that customers will be able to receive their purchases in optimum conditions at their location. 

What is the drop test procedure?

In order to carry out the drop test procedure, a series of procedures should be followed:

Choosing the sample. The sample have to be representative of a lot and also must therefore be chosen at random from similar product-packaging devices.Dropping the unit. The different drop test requirements determine in their regulations just how many type of times and also from what height tons need to be dropped. For circumstances, the traditional would incorporate the repetition of the drop 10 times from a elevation of 76cm for packperiods weighing in between 1 and 9 kg.Testing all angles of the unit. This is a critical step, as tright here are even more breakable areas, such as joints, on which it is crucial to bring out a test in a particular way. To do this, the unit is rotated so that it drops over the desired location.Checking the state of the items inside. This is the stage in which the protective capacity of the packaging is verified or discarded. On the one hand also, the appearance of tiny deformations in the packaging is taken into consideration normal. On the various other hand also, if significant damages has occurred, the packaging mechanism should be redesigned so that it is capable of protecting the products inside.

What drop test requirements are there?

Drop test standards involve a series of safety protocols that, at an global level, encompass this type of test among their regulations. Eventually, meeting these shipping trial and error standards enables carriers to ensure that their product-packaging systems are ready to confront the threats of the distribution cycle.

Amongst these requirements, the adhering to stand out:


Numerous ISTA protocols encompass this test among the tests to be perdeveloped. Because of this, tbelow are two types:

The Free Fall Test, which requires dropping the unit pack in various orientations and at assorted heights, depending upon the weight of the load.The Impact tests, in which a thick box is offered on which the package to be tested is dropped.

The requirements that encompass this test are ISTA Procedures 1A, B, C, D, G, H; 2A, B, C; 3A, B, F; K; 4 Series; 6-FEDEX;6-SAMSCLUB, 6-AMAZON.COM.

What is ISTA drop test and also just how to comply it?

> UPS  

This multinational company tries to guarantee that its shipments arrive safe and sound to the last customer by using a series of simulation protocols, among which is the drop affect test. In this instance, the company uses the ISTA 3A series. Find out more around UPS drop test. 

> FedEx

Anvarious other leader of intercontinental expush shipments, which secures its goods via the application of a package drop test. In this case, they have actually emerged a series of their very own protocols known as ISTA-6-FEDEX-A, which must take place prior to shipping.

In this instance, the drop test criteria are accompanied by vibration and compression tests.

Other standards

In enhancement to ISTA, other organizations include the drop affect test among their protocols, including:

EN 15552:2008 Packaging: Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads. Performance trial and error schedules for prevalent circulation chains.ASTM D4169-16 Standard exercise for performance trial and error of shipping containers and devices.ASTM D7386-16 Standard practice for performance experimentation of packperiods for single parcel distribution device.


Which providers must lug out a drop test?

The drop test is recommended for any type of company that sectors or distributes products and also is pertained to around their integrity during the circulation cycle. Normally, it is a prevalent test for items transported in cardboard boxes.

In order to bring out the package drop test tbelow are 2 alternatives: hiring the solutions of a simulation laboratory or creating your own trial and error and validation laboratory. Tright here are a collection of criteria that assist to select in between the different options, and to find the appropriate laboratory for the simulation requirements of each agency.

Ultimately, however, it is the different cases and also conmessages of each company that will determine which is the finest different. It is widespread in this feeling to take right into account the calculation of ROI (Rerotate of Investment) to make sure the appropriate decision is made.

In any case, the package drop test is imposed as an important test that assures that the goods arrive safe and also sound at their destination, avoiding unimportant costs and generating satisfied customers.

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At Safe Load Testing Technologies, we have been functioning together with providers for more than 2 decades to achieve the safe transport of their products via deliver simulation tools.