Handling Cuvettes

Cuvettes need to constantly be taken on via powder free gloves. Fingerprints are the number one reason for cuvettes not functioning and also giving inspecific readings. Cuvettes have to constantly be hosted by the height area of the cell to prevent any damage to the reduced portion of the cell wright here the light comes in. This area is normally from the bottom of the cuvette up to 25mm.

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Inserting and also Removing Cuvettes from Equipment

According to appropriate lab exercise, a cuvette have to be filled up prior to being put right into a device. This is to protect against spills and/or contamicountry in the optics chamber. Trust us you don’t desire to have to clean this chamber. This area is small and also can have hard to reach places. Save yourself a headache and also fill up your cuvettes prior to putting them in a device.

Cuvettes have to be very closely put and rerelocated from spectrophotometers and fluorometers. When inserting the cuvette, host the cell at the height and make certain the engraved letters of the cuvette are dealing with the light resource of your machine. The cuvettes need to be puburned straight down into the cuvette holder.

Important: Do not twistor pressure a cuvette into a cell holder. This can cause cracking or a breakage that could make a mess in your machine. Even though we are in the company of marketing cuvettes, we don’t desire you to break any.

When removing the cuvette from the holder, be sure to pull the cuvette directly up.


Cleaning and nlinux.org’s Cuvette Washer

We have our very own exceptional cuvette washer that is made from glass. This cuvette washer is hand-blvery own by our Romanian glass breduced who has actually years of experience.

To usage the nlinux.org Cuvette Washer you deserve to follow the straightforward actions below:

Empty excess sample from cuvette.

Turn the cuvette upside down and insert it on the round black gasket with the water jet in the middle.

Turn on your vacuum pump and this will certainly lock the cuvette onto the cuvette washer.

Pour cleaning solution of your option into the huge clear cup (the one without the cuvette) and let the cuvette washer occupational its magic.

When finimelted you have the right to dry the cuvette on a cuvette rack.

Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner to Clean Cuvettes

Ultrasonic cleaners can do an exceptional project of cleaning cuvettes. Actually in the time of assembly we usage ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning plates and also other cuvettes accessories. However before we perform not recommend that world use these types of cleaners. These types of cleaners can reason high vibrations that deserve to reason cuvettes to crack or autumn acomponent. Our warranty does not cover cuvettes that are damages in ultrasonic cleaners.

Simple Cleaning Solutions

Any solvents that are supplied to clean cuvettes should be very pure. We recommend using distilled water or spectrophotometric grade solvents. These solvents have to be cost-free of any suspfinished materials and also contain no lanolin or oils.


Solutions for cleaning cuvettes vary from experiment to experiment. What determines the cleaning solution is the type of sample that was tested. For regime cleaning we recommend using diluted Hydrocholoric acid rinse as soon as the cuvette is finiburned being provided. After making use of the Hydrochloric acid, the cell(s) should be rinsed through distilled water.

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For sticky samples that are difficult to remove from the cells, we recommfinish to soak the cells in diluted sulfuric acid. An accessory that is excellent for removing leftover dirt and also stains is our Cell Squeegee which you have the right to use to scrape the cell walls and remove any leftover residue.