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In today’s lightning-rapid retail marketlocation, tbelow is an overarching sense of rate and also immediacy common in eextremely customer interaction. I’ve spoken around it before—the “now-ness” of retail this day. Shoppers don’t care about what taken place yesterday, last week or last month in your store, they want to connect in the suffer today, now, in this minute.

With customers always expecting fresh and new, surprise and delight through each shopping engagement, just how have the right to retailers keep a bricks-and-mortar store repetitively relevant? The answer is versatility.

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The age-old nursery rhyme “Jack Be Nimble” came to mind as I was gathering my thoughts on flexibility, rate and immediacy essential at retail now. Back in the mid-1nine century, which is shelp to be the origins of this particular rhyme, jumping over candlesticks was both a little bit of a sport, and a soothsayer task. In reality, clearing the candle without blowing out the flame was a authorize of excellent luck and a reasonably vague means of divining the future.

Now I don’t know that Jack was (varying historians case he might have been either an allegory for Yellow Fever before, likewise well-known as “Yellow Jack,” or a hanged piprice ship captain), yet the message that rate, agility, nimbleness and efficiency have the right to propel you forward right into a much more logical future is a message I can acquire dvery own through. (And that’s why I’ve had the rhyme playing over and also over on tough repeat in my head because last week. Apologies if I’ve simply brought about the very same for you.)

When anyone asked me what trends I was seeing on the GlobalShop present floor this previous March 23-25 in Las Vegas, I answered promptly and also confidently: “versatility.” From kit-of-part fixtures to magnetic wall units via changeable graphics/surfaces to mannequins that turn into freestanding screens, the message was loud and clear that producing assets with more versatility for the retailer was peak of mind for 2016 and also past. You’ll see a bit of what I’m talking around on our On Trfinish page this problem on web page 8, referred to as “Feasible Flexibility.”

In our attribute story on Oiselle in Seattle, you’ll find an up-and-coming brand launching right into its first physical keep place with nimbleness at the core of its entire keep architecture. As you’ll check out in the post on page 54, each floor fixture in the save is engineered on a winch system, enabling store associates to literally lift the fixtures—merchandise and all—approximately ceiling elevation for a quick turnaround. This enables the retailer to use its square footage to become even more than simply a store—it have the right to come to be a community facility to accomplish customers, organize workshops, run fitness classes and be a far better steward of its in its entirety brand also ethos.

In eincredibly project, practice and presentation you are creating in the coming year, attempt to remember to size up your candlestick prior to you take your leap.

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Be nimble and also quick enough to constantly be ready to jump forward into the future—simply make certain you clear the flame.

Alichild Embrey Medina Executive Editor alison.medina