Plaster is the widespread name for calcium sulphate hemi hydprice made by heating the mineral gypsum, the widespread name for sulphate of lime. Plaster was first made about 9000 years ago, and has actually been supplied by ancient Egyptian, Greek and also Romale civilizations. However before, it wasn’t used on a big range till 1700s, when it was required to be provided in all construction in Paris. In 1666, a fire raged across London, destroying many type of parts of it. In its aftermath, the king of France ordered that all wall surfaces made of hardwood in Paris be automatically extended through plaster, as a security against such fires. This led to massive mining of gypsum which was accessible around Paris in expensive quantities. Thus, throughout the beforehand 18th century, Paris came to be the centre of plaster manufacturing, and for this reason the name, plaster of Paris.

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