Proloads are bound in the nucleus of an atom while electrons exist in energy levels clouds roughly the atom. The outer shell electrons deserve to be broken away from the atom by electric potential (volts).

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Atoms are stationary in solids, so protons do not carry electrical charge. But in plasmas both positively charged ions (atoms that have lost some of their electrons) and electrons carry charge to make a current (think florescent lights).
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exactly how many electrons are in the last subshell to fill in each halogen (aspects of group 17)?

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Kinetic power of pposts and objects

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An electron is relocating north at a velocity V. It passes through an electrical field that additionally points north. What happens to it’s motion?

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Object A and also B have actually equal charges. If neutral object C touches A then B, what is the force b/w the recently charged objects A and also B?

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how many type of electrons does aluminum have?

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