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Not also long back, I had actually a frank conversation through a friend of mine.

He was opening as much as me around his dating life, and admitted that he had actually never before developed a truly genuine link via a woman.

He had actually hooked-up a couple of times. But he felt like somepoint was maintaining him from being able to form the kinds of ‘real’ relationships he wanted through beautiful womales.

In other words, he had actually never before had actually a girlfrifinish.

Granted, he was still in his younger twenties. So he still had time to figure out how to day, relate to woguys, understand female nature, and also succeed at the whole ‘dating point.’

But in the results of our conversation, I began to ask myself:

Why does this happen?

Why do some guys struggle to discover a girlfriend, especially in a human being wbelow so many women seem so despeprice to find a guy and also work out down?

Well, I jotted dvery own every one of the crucial points from our conversation. I likewise pored over my own experiences, and began outlining whatever I’d learned from my very own relationships and also through coaching various other males.

I even dug deep right into my publications for extra study, and also came up via a few points that I hadn’t considered prior to.

And I’m going to share them with you in this article.

This is whatever you need to recognize. The 15 major reasons for why you’ve never before had a girlfriend.

Not eexceptionally suggest will certainly apply to you.But here’s the key:

The goal is to determine the points that you’re having actually trouble with, so that you deserve to get over them and also create the sort of dating life you’ve always wanted.

Let’s jump in.

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15 Hocolony Reasons Why You’ve Never before Had a GirlfriendReady to Make it Happen? Here’s How to Get a Girlfriend

15 Honest Reasons Why You’ve Never Had a Girlfriend

1. You’re Not Embracing Masculine Frame


When you fail to walk in true masculine framework, womales check out you as inreliable.

You’re not dominant. You’re not responsible. You’re not reliable.

You might be a really nice man. You may also have your life together, and also you most likely have most talent and various other features to carry to the table.

But if you fail to succeed at displaying true masculine frame once you interact with womales, you’ll offer off a low value signal that’ll revolve all woguys off.

Women will acquire the sense that you’re not a masculine guy.

To revolve this about, start making yourself your own psychological allude of beginning.

Start embracing true masculine power in your life.

Start via some simple changes:

Start doing what you say you’re going to doStart being honest, both via yourself and also through othersGet regulate of your life and also start leveling upLeave behind any shame you feel around being a manUnderstand that women are beauty objects, and that men are success objects, and take on this reality instead of running from itStart establishing healthy borders and enforcing them in your life

Want to go more in-depth on this? Pick up a copy of the book To Be A Man: A Guide To True Masculine Power, by Robert Augustus Masters.

2. You’re Not Leveling Up in Life


If you don’t have a lot to offer in life, high-value woguys ssuggest aren’t going to pay a lot attention to you.

Status, power, riches, intelligence, physical fitness, ambition, and industriousness all play right into this.

To truly win through woguys, you need to make long-term investments in yourself by constantly picking to level-up in mind, body, and soul. 

This means:

Start spfinishing time eincredibly day working on yourself to come to be a truly high-worth man—the kind of man that woguys crave.

You have the right to literally obtain started today:

Start hitting the gym 

You don’t also have to go crazy with these things best now.

Right now, my diet/workout routine literally consists of limiting my food inrequire to just fruits, vegetables, and also lean meat, and also walking for 1 to 2 hrs per day.

I’ve just been on this setup for 3 weeks, and I’ve currently shed 6 pounds.

You don’t need to go crazy to start seeing results.

You just need to adopt better habits and also put power into them on a day-to-day basis.

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3. You’ve Embraced a Victim Mentality

Do you give up easily? Do you complain a lot? Do you frequently feel sorry for yourself?

If so, you may be embracing a victim mentality instead of a winner’s mentality.

This is among the main qualities of the omega male. 

This type of male feels that woguys aren’t fair, that society is put up for males to fail, and also that there’s little bit point in trying if you’re not affluent or don’t have rock star good looks.

But listen:

This mindset will only lead you dvery own a route of enduring, sadness, and also loneliness.

And most importantly, living with a victim mentality is the opposite of living through true, powerful masculine framework.

Life isn’t type, and periodically you’re going to gain knocked dvery own.

But victims and winners manage this in a different way.

Victims desire pity, while winners desire to obtain back on the horse and also attempt aobtain.

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When avenues happen, you’re going to have to be the man and strategy her.

Some males really struggle via this—hence the term ‘approach stress and anxiety.’

Don’t get me wrong. Walking up to a woman, putting your self-esteem on the line, and also risking rejection isn’t always easy or fun.

But overcoming this difficulty is an essential component of beating the ‘no girlfriend’ trouble.

Want to conquer it? Just begin dealing with your fear and also approaching woguys anyway.

Remember this. A strong, powerful, high-value man isn’t put off by rejection. He would certainly quite be rejected 100 times than to never attempt.

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He knows that he has a lot to sell. And so, rejection isn’t enough to shake his confidence.

If you want to learn even more around just how to get over method tension, I extremely recommend you review Kezia Noble’s book The Noble Guide To Seducing Women: