I decided to run because I care also much about our city’s future not to. The stakes are simply as well high. The policy decisions made by the following Council have the potential to adjust our city permanently in ways that many type of citizens are unmindful of. I recognize, because until freshly I wasn’t paying close attention either.

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Once I began paying attention, yet, I realized that it is harder than it should be for occupants to acquire the city’s attention. I want to adjust that. Our voices count – it’s our city, too.

While I pride myself on being extremely well indeveloped on nationwide and also global concerns, I’m embarrassed to say that as soon as it involved municipal elections I didn’t do my homework-related. I simply trusted that our city’s future was in good hands bereason my property taxation bill remained low and also city solutions worked well enough for me.


What tipped the balance

It all adjusted for me a year back, once a tsunami of piecemeal advancement about the congested Fresh Pond/Alewife area came to be impossible to neglect. I began doing my homework, and also provided myself a crash course in the city’s growth planning and also advance plans.

I was shocked to learn that recent breakthrough about Alewife had actually currently exceeded projections for 2024. Very few of us were conscious of exactly how this had taken place. Nor did we understand just how to effectively push back versus the tide and also demand much better decision-making and a substantial vision for the city’s expansion.

I responded by recruiting a couple of equally pertained to neighbors to create the Fresh Pond Residents Alliance to fill a vacuum in community advocacy.

And in just a year we have made a distinction. The FPRA has functioned via other resident groups to put planning concerns at the optimal of the Council’s agenda and has end up being a respected voice in the heightened public dispute around the city’s expansion priorities.

Our successes have actually persuaded me that armed via solid data we can build a more comprehensive knowledge base, so that more occupants deserve to play a constructive duty in the understand planning process the city soon will certainly undertake and also in establishing priorities for the city’s future.

I want to help the People’s Republic reinsurance claim its progressive mojo.

Working through the FPRA and also attending countless public meetings over the past year, I have uncovered that while great intentions abound, accountability, imagination, and transparency are too regularly doing not have.

Thstormy my activism I’ve met many kind of talented and likeminded human being that are working tough to keep Cambridge at the head of the steady fill, unfortunately without consistent sufficient assistance at City Hall.

I’m running bereason I desire to be component of a coalition that will help our city reinsurance claim its steady mojo.

Self-proactivity is not my style, believe me, and also favor also many kind of womales I’m normally quick to deflect a compliment or boomerang it ago to the sender. When world first began informing me I need to run, I was flattered, but hesitated. Me? Really? But as I reflected on all I need to market, and just how a lot I love this city, I began to realize that I would not have the ability to live through myself if I did not answer this calling, which currently comes from inside as well as out.

Here’s why I deserve your #1 vote on November 3rd:

Head: I have an excellent head on my shoulders, and also I desire to use it serve the greater good. I’m a proud alumna of Princeton College, whose slogan, “Princeton in the nation’s organization,” was coined by Woodrow Wilchild. Princeton students hear Wilson’s call to public company at almost every revolve, and it’s been echoing in my mind for the past 30-odd years, waiting for the right possibility to manifest itself. Like now.

In college I majored in English literary works and also American Studies and went on to earn an MBA in marketing at Columbia College, earning high honors through each level. Too many type of smart civilization think they have actually all the answers and aren’t willing to listen. I’ll always be as well a lot of a student to think I have nopoint left to learn by listening well, reading up, and also questioning my assumptions.

If elected, I will certainly use all my intellectual toughness and also behavior of mind to my work-related on the Council. You have the right to count on me to constantly be well-all set for meetings, to think critically and to ask the challenging questions, to communicate clearly and also effectively, and to recognize as soon as and how to tap into the many sources our city has to offer its policymachines for guidance.

Hands: I’ve used all these good-student skills to my work-related, paid and also unpassist, over the past three decades. You can inspect out my professional resume on LinkedIn. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and also perform whatever it takes to acquire the project – on time and well.

What you won’t view on my resume is the toughest, many crucial, and a lot of fulfilling job I’ve ever held: increasing three children, now eras 26, 24, and 21. I’m bursting via pride – and also knocking on timber – in saying that all 3 are flourishing as they embark on their adult lives. As a working mommy, I juggled and also multitasked choose mad to fulfill all the requirements on my time, illustration on the physical and also psychological strength that won me All Ivy singles honors as a collegiate tennis player.

Eexceptionally paid project I’ve held has actually compelled not just strong interaction, creative and analytical abilities, however equally strong world abilities, plus patience, tact, and a feeling of humor. I was good at participation long before it ended up being a buzzword in the development economy; my first genuine job was arising content for an ed technology start-up in Manhattan. Subsequently, functioning as a marketing manager for a significant consumer brand also in New York and a high-end photography magazine in Paris, as a real estate sales agent in Cambridge, and in public-dealing with interaction roles at two additional institutions, I’ve functioned effectively via people from all backgrounds and also have learned to value and also seek out multiple perspectives. If elected, I will certainly apply the very same collaborative method to constituent relations and also policymaking.

Heart: I sassist at the start that I’m running because I treatment too a lot to stand on the sidelines any type of longer. I’ve stayed in Cambridge for even more than twenty years. Leaving Manhattan in 1993, I chose to settle my family in Cambridge instead of in Boston or one of the suburbs, because the city was unapologetically progressive, colorfully urban, and also uniquely livable. It had not yet on the verge of becoming an additional “barbell” city where working and also middle class family members and tiny independent retailers are priced out and disput.

I’ve loved living in Cambridge these past two decades, and I’ve never felt a higher sense of belonging than I have right here. But I realize that I’m incredibly fortunate to very own a home I would certainly not be able to afford were I relocating to Cambridge this day. I likewise am acutely conscious of the doors that have actually always been open to me by virtue of my skin color and also my Ivy education and learning. I understand change is unavoidable, generally positive, however my heart tells me we can do a much better task of keeping what offers Cambridge its distinct sense of community and also community as we build new locations prefer Alewife and Kendall Square and flourish established communities like Central Square and also Area 4/The Port.

Here are some of the concerns I treatment many about:

planning for sustainable growth that prioritizes socio-financial diversity and affordable housing and recognizes the imperative to build in resilience to climate change;producing colorful city areas that are safe and also convenient for pedestrians and cyclists and also well-offered by improved public transit;fostering broader public engagement with steps that rise the transparency, accountcapability, efficiency, and the responsiveness of our city government;providing rich educational opportunities and also career training for students from all backgrounds to create a homegrvery own workforce;preserving local retail and also Cambridge’s distinctive sense of place;protecting the environment and creating brand-new public open spaces;cultivating a culture of volunteerism and connecting citizens through opportunities to serve in the community

Now readers, here’s the ask…Please donate to my my project.

I hope you will support me as I follow this speak to to serve our city. Believe me, I never thought I’d check out the word “politician” following my name (inspect out my campaign’s brand-new Facebook page), however I aim to make world think differently about what it implies to step up and also take a stand.

Unlike many of the various other candidates, I am not accepting donations from big actual estate developers, so I will need assistance from neighbors and friends. In 2015 the state elevated the maximum individual contribution to $1,000 per calendar year (from $500). The incumbents began raising money last year and also currently have actually their project devices set up. I’m founding from scratch, and running a clean money campaign puts me at a financial disbenefit.

How you have the right to make a donation

You may make an online donation via this website. If you would certainly like to send a inspect (and conserve me the credit card handling fees), please make it payable to Devereux for Council and also mail it to my house address: 255 Lakesee Ave., Cambridge MA 02138.

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Thank you. I hope that I have the opportunity soon to talk via you in perboy about my plans. Please don’t hesitate to speak to or email me. I welcome your thoughts on just how to run a effective project, so that I deserve to win the chance to serve fellow Cantabrigians on the city council.