I thought this was meant to be humorous and that it was intentional wordplay (or something like that). Anna, who is still essentially a child inside, was excpecting a ball-room, not a ballroom:


My wife disagrees; she thinks it"s not an attempt at humor or wordplay etc. but rather she thinks it"s a straightforward question: "Why have a "dance-room" if we never have dances in it?"

Is there any official indication as to which kind of "ball" Anna was expecting for the ballroom?

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I think the full lyrics of the song answer this question for us. Look at the bold lines below. Anna clearly has an expectation of what is going to be happening and none of it involves a ball pit.

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Also consider, from an out-of-universe perspective, that little plastic balls had not yet been invented.

The window is open, so’s that doorI didn’t know they did that any moreWho knew we owned eight thousand salad plates?For years I’ve roamed these empty hallsWhy have a ballroom with no balls?Finally they’re opening up the gates

There’ll be actual real live peopleIt’ll be totally strangeBut wow, am I so ready for this change!

’Cause for the first time in foreverThere’ll be music, there’ll be lightFor the first time in foreverI’ll be dancing through the night

Don’t know if I’m elated or gassyBut I’m somewhere in that zone’Cause for the first time in foreverI won’t be alone

I can’t wait to meet everyone! <gasp>What if I meet... the one?

Tonight, imagine me gown and allFetchingly draped against the wallThe picture of sophisticated graceOoh! I suddenly see him standing thereA beautiful stranger, tall and fairI wanna stuff some chocolate in my face.

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Edited to address the concerns about the plastic ball being around in the time period Anna lived in. Yes, balls as we know them were around but made of different materials, and I doubt they would work well as pit materials (try jumping on a pile of soccer balls and let me know how that goes). I also highly doubt that the movie is supposed to set in the 1970"s... but probably in 1840"s as that is when the story it is based on was written.