I have actually filmed series of videos via my iPhone and edited every little thing with Windows Movie Maker. But currently I compared and also realized that quality is horrible. Is it possible to increase the top quality of the edited videos? Or I would need to start everything everywhere again?


Windows Movie Maker has numerous choices for playago top quality. When you export your movie file, click the “Sjust how even more choices” underneath “Best top quality playearlier for my computer system.”

Then, click the “Other Settings” radio switch and choose the preferred top quality level. Select “High top quality video (NTSC)" for high-high quality videos.

Now, click “Next” to conserve your video with the adjusted quality settings. Be conscious, the file size of these videos is normally big.

If this does not improve the top quality then you have the right to attempt beginning from scrape.

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answered Apr 4 "18 at 13:17
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Do you recognize the resolution, bitrate, and codec indevelopment of the resource video?

Tright here are greatly 2 factors for top quality degradation in WMM

High-resolution resource video. Windows Movie Maker can"t retain the quality of ultra-high-resolution videos, say 4K.I didn"t find any much better solution than downgrading 4K to HD beforehand also.

Codec error. If the input codec is not well supported by WMM, it may reason poor-top quality playearlier. Then you can change video to WMM friendly format.

The playback is not crispy, however that will not affect the created file. WMM simply processed videos in bad resolution to make the editing and enhancing process much faster.

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