Experiencing a salty taste in your softened water in the morning is not uncommon when you have actually certain types of water softeners and under certain conditions. Salty water in the morning is not most likely a serious problem, it is the majority of likely simply your water softener not working as it need to.

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Tasting salty water first thing in the morning is a widespread symptom of your water softener failing to rinse ameans brine after its rebirth procedure. Clogged water pre-filters, malfunctioning valves, and buildup on interior components have the right to cause salt to be left behind in your water softener tank.

If your water tastes salty first thing in the morning, tbelow are a few things that you can examine for to assist remedy the trouble and stop it from coming ago. Running your cold water for a couple of minutes should clear the salty water for now, and also right here is what to look for to sheight salty water from re-arising in future mornings.

How your water softener have the right to leave salt in your water after regeneration.

Tasting salt water first point in the morning is often brought about by a high amount of sodium chloride ions that have actually been left behind in your water softener after it has completed its renewal process. If you suffer a saline taste in your water throughout the day it may be a concentrate of sulfates coming in from your water supply.

Under ideal problems, a lot of water softeners must not leave a salty taste in the water after they have actually gone via the renewal process yet tright here are times once this will certainly not be the case.

First, let us make sure we understand wright here the salt taste is coming from. If you have a water softener you know that you need to include salt to the salt container from time to time.

This salt is liquified in water that is in the bottom of the salt container (BRINE TANK) to turn it into an extremely salty liquid that is called brine.

Brine is water that is saturated through as a lot salt as feasible at room temperature.

This brine is what the water softener offers to remove hardness and also iron from the resin product that is inside of the softeners tank.

Throughout normal operation of the softener, this extremely salty brine solution flows via the resin beads to clean them and then the softener supplies clean water to rinse the brine away and you will not experience any type of salty taste in the water.

If the brine is not thoroughly rinsed ameans or some of it seeps right into the water lines going right into the residence in the time of its renewal procedure you will certainly endure a salty taste in the water throughout or after its renewal process.

How does a water softener usage salt, and why salt have the right to be left behind after regeneration?


During the regeneration procedure, the brine solution is introduced into the mechanism in the time of what is commonly recognized as the brine draw cycle.

This is the cycle where the hardness ions that are clinging to the water softener resin beads are exchanged via the sodium ions from the brine solution and then rinsed away in addition to the majority of the brine solution.

In the majority of cases, the amount of salt leftover after the renewal procedure is extremely little and also will not be at all noticeable. The brine attract cycle on the majority of water softeners entails a duration of about twenty minutes when the mechanism will attract the brine solution through the resin beads.

Generally, about 3 to 4 gallons of brine solution is used throughout this twenty-minute cycle, and also then it is followed by a duration of approximately thirty minutes of rinsing without the brine solution to rerelocate the leftover brine.

What reasons the salty water to be left behind?

Different brand softeners all work in slightly various ways to attain the rejuvenation or cleaning procedure and also also though the standard use of salty brine is the solution that gets rid of the hardness from the softening resin, some devices have actually slight flaws that can leave some brine solution behind or enable some to acquire into the lines during the rebirth procedure.

What reasons a salty taste from an Autotroll valve water softener?

An Autotroll manage valve is a really prevalent water softener control valve that otherwise is a very trustworthy and long-lasting valve yet it does have a slight flaw as soon as it involves containing the brine solution in the time of renewal.

The Autotroll valve works via a collection of spring-loaded “flappers” that open up and close to control the circulation of water through it which controls whether it is backwashing via clean water or making use of the brine solution.

Throughout the brine rinse cycle, the flapper valves that proccasion the brine solution from mixing in via the clean water have the right to bleed some of the brine options right into the clean water.

This typically only occurs if the valve is several years old and also or there is a drop in push in the clean water inside the valve, generally led to by water being offered inside the residence while the softener is in the brine rinse cycle of its regeneration process.

This trouble can frequently be remedied by a service perboy replacing the flapper level of the valve. But be certain to gain a price quote for this repair prior to it is done bereason it may be more expensive than it is worth.

A trustworthy service company might repair it for a few hundred dollars however some much less trusted service providers might try to charge as a lot as $900- $1200 and in many kind of situations you have the right to get a brand also new system for around the very same price as the repair.

The next softener brand also through a tiny architecture fregulation that can produce salty water is likewise among its biggest design benefits.

What reasons a salty taste from a Kinetico valve water softener?

The Kinetico water treatment manage valve is an elaborate variety of pistons, gears, and wind turbines that are totally managed by water flowing through it.

The valve meters just how much water is being offered and when a preset volume of water has actually been reached it provides water flow to open up and also cshed valves and guide water to produce a vacuum to attract the brine solution out of the brine tank.

During the Kinetico brine attract cycle, the brine is meant to be drawn out at a rapid rate, fluburned through the softening resin tanks in simply a few minutes utilizing up the whole amount of available brine solution, and then rinsing the softening resin for several minutes after the brine solution is depleted to rinse amethod the brine solution.

Now the totality Kinetico renewal process primarily takes much less than thirty minutes, in some units even less than twenty-5 minutes so correct timing is critical to assure that each cycle has perdeveloped its attribute and also the rebirth of the softening resin is complete.

In practically all installations of any kind of Kinetico system, an in-line sediment pre-filter is required because of the fragile operation of the valve. Even a little piece of sediment getting right into the valve have the right to obtain captured in gear or valve and reason a selection of troubles.

How a clogged water Pre-filter deserve to reason salty water from a Kinetico water softener.

If tbelow is sediment in the water coming into the system, this pre-filter deserve to progressively clog resulting in a drop in press during the regeneration procedure.

This can cause the brine solution to be attracted out of the brine tank at a much slower rate than it should so the brine will be flowing through the resin tanks far longer than it need to be therefore cutting short the amount of rinse time that is forced during the last cycle to rerelocate the brine solution from the tank.

This have the right to mean that the brine solution is left inside the resin tank and will be drawn right into the home the following time that water flows with the tank thus salty water coming out of your faucet.

The easy solution to this problem is to adjust the filter cartridge in the in-line housing. This have to provide better water flow which will allow the system to use the brine solution in the correct dosage then get rinsed ameans as it should be leaving you through no salty water taste.

Not wanting to be picking on Autotroll and also Kinetico which are both fine units. Basically, any kind of water treatment device that uses salt can result in salty water in the morning.

Other components that have the right to cause a water softener to leave salty water behind.

Often it is the outcome of a clogged injector or periodically described as a venturi. This injector is what creates the draw that pulls the brine solution from the brine barrel so it can be used to clean the softening resin.

If this injector gets a small clogged then it will certainly draw the brine solution out gradually leaving some behind after the rejuvenation process is over and then it will end up in the pipes and out of your faucet.

The amount of flow of the injector is suggested by the color in the majority of instances. A white (small) injector is many generally provided in smaller to mid-sized tanks, seven to nine inches in diameter.

A blue (medium) injector is advised for tanks ranging from ten to thirteen inches in diameter, and a yellow (Larger) is often used for thirteen-inch diameter tanks or occasionally for smaller tanks if a quicker attract is desired for a special application.

You might have a poor seal approximately your water softener’s primary piston.

On water softener valves that have a main piston that moves back and forth to manage the water circulation and also cycles, salty water might occur from the brine solution bleeding with the seals on the seal fill.

The seal pack is basically the tube of rings that the primary piston passes via as it goes ago and forth. If the seals on these rings chip or obtain worn down then the brine have the right to seep with during rebirth and mix via the clean water which will certainly go to your faucet.

On the majority of units, this “seal” pack deserve to be reinserted for a few hundred dollars by a trained technician.

But if the system is even more than fifteen years old or so and you have actually some sediment coming in from your water source, the chamber in which the seal pack goes may have worn dvery own and also a new seal fill may not last incredibly long prior to the salty water returns to a brand-new device might be the best route to go.

What have to you perform when you experience salty water in the morning?

First of all, there must be no factor to panic. Run your cold water for just a couple of minutes and the majority of the salty water need to rinse amethod.

If you have actually a warm water storage tank that has obtained salty water in it you will certainly have to usage the hot water up that is in the tank, take a small longer shower for a day or 2 and it must be greatly gone.

As stated before, for Kinetico systems you have to adjust the filter cartridge to enable better water circulation and then run the cold water for a bit. If the salty water happens aobtain a couple of days later on, simply run the cold water until the salty water is gone.

You might obtain salty water twice through a dual tank Kinetico water softener bereason a lot of of their model’s alternative tanks provide soft water without interruption throughout the rebirth procedure.

They switch tanks so that one is in usage as the other one is being recreated so both tanks may have to be flumelted out a few days apart if the salty water obtained right into both tanks.

For many other systems, when the reason of the salty water problem is remepassed away the salty water must be gone after just a couple of minutes of rinsing and have to not re-happen any type of time quickly.

Related Questions:

What if the salty taste doesn’t go away? If you are enduring a salty taste in your water that doesn’t go amethod, it is even more than likely not a difficulty through your water softener at all.

A water softener does not repeatedly add salt to your water. The only time that salt is presented to your water softener is throughout its renewal procedure.

If your water tastes salty all the time, it is many most likely resulted in by a high level of sodium in your water resource. A well that is supplied with water that is high in sodium will certainly taste simply as salty after it goes via a water softener.

If your water source consists of a high sodium content, the ideal solution is obtaining a reverse osmosis drinking water system to make the water healthier for drinking.

What if the salty taste keeps coming back? If you have a rearising taste of salty water that doesn’t seem to desire to continue to be away, you should call a water treatment professional.

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Look for a local agency that specializes in water therapy, not simply someone that is a phardwood. This might be a tricky trouble that only a water treatment specialist will be able to resolve, so seek out someone via the proper endure.