Why is my Roblox so laggy, also on great PC?! You may wonder. Actually, you’re not alone. A variety of players have actually reported that they suffer inconstant frames and lag while playing Roblox. Then exactly how to solve Roblox lag? Don’t problem, we’ve gathered some fixes for you.

Try these fixes:

You can not need to attempt them all; sindicate job-related your method down the list until you find the one that functions.

But prior to diving right into troubleshooting, it’s recommfinished that you rebegin your COMPUTER and access the game aacquire. Some lags on Roblox are easily reresolved by simply refounding the game.

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Fix 1: Close uncrucial programs

The game lagging is mainly a authorize of a sluggish game. This deserve to be resulted in by having too many high-power programs making use of your device resources. For the the majority of optimal endure, it is recommfinished that as soon as you run Roblox, you close those other programs. To execute this, take these steps:

1) Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together on your keyboard to cause Task Manager.

2) From the Processes tab, click the programs that you desire to stop from running one by one and click End task.

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4) Click on the Local folder.


5) Click on the Roblox folder. (Folders are provided in alphabetical order.)6) Click on the versions folder to open it.7) Click the latest version folder. This is named version- with a variation number at the end of it. 8) Click the PlatformContent.9) Click the PC folder.10) Click the textures folder.11) Except for the studs and also wangIndex folders, delete those various other folders.12) Empty your recycling bin. Right-click the recycling bin icon on your desktop computer and also click Empty Recycle Bin.


After taking all the actions, play a Roblox game. You’re supposed to be able to have actually your game performance improved.

Hopefully, this article might help you mitigate Roblox lag and you can have actually a far better gaming experience! If, unfortunately, all else fails, you need to consider reinstalling Roblox.

If you have actually any kind of ideas or concerns, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!