Discus and support Why does my Xbox 360 slim make a loud buzzing noise in XBoX on Consoles to deal with the problem; Why does my xbox 360 slim white make a buzzing noise when i play a game even though its brand-new and i bought it a pair days ago. Is there a method without...Discussion in "XBoX on Consoles" started by RickyMonfil, Jan 4, 2021.

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Why does my xbox 360 slim white make a buzzing noise as soon as i play a game even though its new and also i bought it a pair days earlier. Is tright here a way without downloading games? :)

My Xbox 360 Slim is making a loud buzzing noise through and without a disc in it. If anyone knows how to deal with this, or why it is happening please let me recognize.

My second Xbox one s and also the noise is doing my head in it's a loud fan and buzzing is this just me or is this meant to be making this noise

My Xbox 360 Slim E renders a loudish buzzing/humming noise once i begin up most games and also makes the noise for around 3-5 minutes , i have the games set up on my hardrive , is this normal for it to execute that

Hey, sounds choose the the Disk drive is going? Are you still under warranty? If so I would certainly contact support asap.
What sort of noise does it make? Is it buzzing or grinding noise? The noise is coming from the little bit inner fan and also it's been know that some faulty devices make this noise. The power brick on my Xbox 360 Slim supplied to make a loud grinding noise as soon as I had actually it from brand-new. To sheight the noise I provided to pick up the brick and also give it a couple of difficult taps via the palm of my hand. Once I did that it didn't make any noise for the duration of that play session until then next time the machine was switched on again.Strangely sufficient, I never had actually the brick reinserted and it currently it no much longer provides any noise. If you are involved though and also you can't obtain the brick be fairly you should take up a repair request via Microsoft Support to obtain it replaced.
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