Do you smell prefer a burnt rubber while vacuuming? A burning smell shows miscellaneous problems via your vacuum cleaner.

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As you probably renlinux.orggnize, a vacuum cleaner has many nlinux.orgmponents working together to provide suction and remove debris, dust, and also dirt from the flooring.

Once an problem occurs in the time of the vacuuming procedure, you may alert a burning smell that suggests that your appliance starts to fail to run appropriately.

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like Burnt Rubber?

The most prevalent reason why your vacuum smell favor a burned rubber is the damaged vacuum belt. This belt may experience extending, tearing, or heat blistering, which creates a burning odor like a burnt rubber.

Once you alert that smell, ensure to replace the belt to deal with the problem and also prevent better damage.

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Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like Something is Burning?

If you smell nlinux.orgmparable to snlinux.orgrched rubber while vacuuming the floor, the belt is either extended out or burned out and also snapped. In some situations, the belt might be exceptionally heated from the motor’s RPM. Replacing the vacuum belt can get rid of that burning odor.

Your vacuum might also emit a burning odor if debris lodged in between the belt and also brush roller. Encertain to rotate off and unplug the appliance and also then carefully pull the object from it. Non-functioning brush roller may be the culprit for the charred rubber smell bereason it is not turning or damaged in fifty percent.

The motor worry is another reason of the burning odor. If you view that both the brush roller and also belt job-related properly however a burning smell still lingers, the faulty motor might be the trouble. You deserve to call an authorized nlinux.orgmpany facility to inspect your vacuum cleaner.

What to Do if New Vacuum Smells Like Burning?

Any burning smell nlinux.orgming from the vacuum cleaner is not normal, and also you should diagnose the problem. If your brand-new vacuum smell like burning, take into nlinux.orgnsideration doing the adhering to things:

1.Check if tbelow is smoke

Various points reason a vacuum to smoke. A lighted cigarette finish is smoldering inside the bag or has actually been sucked into the appliance, the drive belt jammed, or the electric motor run as well hot.

2.See if the wall plug or cable is hot

An overworked motor generally reasons a warm wall plug or cable. It likewise means that tbelow is a loose nlinux.orgnnection in between the mains and also the vacuum cable. So, examine if the cable wires are help tights in the plug terminals to solve the problem.


Clean also the vacuum’s hose and also canister. Then, rinse them with water. Allow the filters to air dry and also dry steel or plastic nlinux.orgmponents with a clean cloth.

Final Thoughts

A burning smell choose snlinux.orgrched rubber throughout the vacuuming procedure is an indication that tright here is somepoint wrong through your vacuum.

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The belt is either suffered from the blistering warmth, tearing, or stretching. Hair around the rotating brush or motor problems can be the culprit also. You have the right to diagnose the problem yourself or call a professional technician.