I have been troubleshooting this problem and also I have narrowed it down to the ground in the unit. When I disconnect the ground from the structure, it runs fine, and also has no difficulties. When I reaffix the ground, it trips the breaker. We recently cleaned and defrosted the unit. and also thats when the problem started. It ran fine before that. I ohm"ed out the ground to the temp manage, and that is fine additionally. I ohm"ed out that same wire to the frame and that was all over the location. I have the right to just assume that wire is causing the difficulty. Is it feasible I obtained somepoint wet and also that is resulting in it?

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The path of leastern resistance.

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When the ground is removed, the existing is forced to go with the compressor, and fridge functions.

When you relocation the ground, tright here is a route from warm to ground, that avoids the compressor.

So your difficulty is somewright here between the "hot" wire on the plug and the compressor.

Possibly a trouble in the receptacle where the hot wire will brief once the ground pin is inserted, yet unlikely. If you want to test for this, plug in somepoint else with a ground pin, wiggle the cord, and also if it works, the fridge is the trouble.

My vote would certainly be for somearea wbelow a wire was pinched while working on it.

The wire have to be loose - long and also had actually too much room to relocate roughly and got pinched, or it must be really tight, because it did not have sufficient room to move.

Tbelow does not need to be much damages to the insulation for this to occur, however running your fingers along the wires must be sufficient to find it.

Best of luck to you

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Your trouble shows a ground fault bereason the GFCI keeps flipping before the breaker and that"s what a Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor does, it protects home owners against ground faults, potentially moist or wet places that have the right to disrupt the voltage between 5 - 7 mA

Your certain problem is resulted in by the oxidization of the defrost heating aspect, the aspects are Nichrome to withstand the warm, as soon as the elements power up for the initially time they create this chromium like strucure roughly the facet protecting it from water and moisture

what"s flipping the breaker is the moisture sitting on the oxodized Nichrome, as soon as it kicks on every couple of hrs it detects that water and also flips the GFCI by increasing the voltage up 5 to 7 mA.

With that being sassist, you could think that your defrost heating element is negative, it isn"t, it"s just acquiring old. You might alert discoloration.

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If your fridge isn"t on the circuit that"s on the sink wall or in the garage then you do not need a GFCI, yet some civilization favor the GFCI on the fridge just incase the fridge creates a leak and also gets right into the drywall and insulation

If your fridge is flipping the Breaker in the Breaker box or sub panel then there"s an extra serious problem, obviously there"s a short or reverse polarity.

A bare wire could be touching an additional or could be exposed to water

once functioning on any electric approximately moist or wet conditions, constantly usage waterproof connectors and a item of wire shrink wrap.