Hi! (: okay so I have actually short hair, pretty a lot at my shoulders, and also once I straighten my hair, it flips up at the ends AND I HATE IT! my hair is normally curly/wavy so I know that's a element. and also I also recognize it flips up because it rests on my shoulders, yet I rested my head over the side of my bed yesterday till I was ready to go out so it wouldn't flip up, and it aided a little bit however still happened. and also then this day I put it in a loose pony tail to make certain it wouldn't flip up, however eventually it did. I've tried googling how to gain it to not flip up and the only answer I find is to straighten it, which doesn't make any kind of sense seeing as I execute straighten my hair, and I also flip the ends in for great measure but it still ends up doing what it desires to. (also hairspray doesn't work, I've tried)please help! and also thank you in advance(:


Aug 07, 2015

Qwaserght T.

Maybe attempt utilizing a round brush and also blow drying your hair flippedin.


Aug 08, 2015

Christina R.

Round brushing it and also straightening it at the finish assist me acquire my hair to be totally directly. It was a pain for melol


Aug 11, 2015

J S.

It can probably be the means you gained it cut? Did you freshly acquire ahaircut?

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