If you’ve had your dog for 6 months or 6 years, there are always methods to discover new things your dog enjoys so you have the right to understand them better. I’ve had actually my precious pup for six years and also still learn around new points she loves daily. Most of them are fairly odd to a new dog owner, yet to someone who’s had actually pets all her life, I understand that these are ssuggest the distinctive points that make her special. Letting your dog feel loved and also behave in a natural, domesticated state have the right to be a good means to let them express their personality. Dogs are living creatures, not made to be confined to cages, outdoor warm 24/7, or aggressive, regulating habits by their owners. When you treat them additional special, you’ll learn simply what things your dog enjoys and also they’ll be sure to display you numerous love too.

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1 Your Clothes

Did you recognize that one of the points your dog enjoys are your clothes? I’m notorious for leaving a pair of socks out on my bed if my feet obtain warm, or leaving a pair of pajamas or yoga pants out on my desk chair if I’m running behind on my means out the door to occupational. To my surpclimb, as soon as I gain house, they are never before wright here I left them! My dog carries my garments, socks, bedroom shoes, and so on, and also areas them in her dog bed with her to lie on while I’m gone. She loves smelling my scent once I’m ameans and doesn’t also chew on them favor she did when she was a pup. Now, I leave them out for her because I recognize it makes her feel safe and also not so alone when I’m away at work-related.

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2 Raw Fruits and also Veggies

I bet you didn’t recognize your dog can love healthy and balanced food so a lot, and more than likely more than most human beings do! Dogs love raw veggies and also some fruits, and also these make perfect snacks because they keep them healthy and balanced, and also the crunchy texture helps keep their teeth clean. They can also improve their skin and coat. Just continue to be away from onions, garlic, and also raisins, which are toxic to pets.

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3 Gap to Eat

Last year, I learned my dog wasn’t obtaining sufficient food or eating enough bereason her bowl remained in a cramped edge of the kitchen. When I moved it to a much more open area via much less website traffic, she ate once she was hungry and was so a lot even more well fed. Her mood was also better because she was well fed. Dogs don’t like to eat in cramped locations or where tbelow is many website traffic considering that it deserve to make them feel nervous. Think around it: you wouldn’t want to eat through world walking about you too a lot, or in a cramped up corner, and neither does your dog.

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4 Popsicles

Dogs love popsicles! They love licking the cold, icy treats and they deserve to be hydrating for them as well. Summer is an excellent time to let your dog in on the fun also. If you desire, you can make your very own popsicles for dogs at residence and throw in extra nutrients, liquid vitamins and more to enhance their coat.

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5 Coconut Oil

My dogs adore coconut oil, and also most dogs will certainly. The fats in coconut oil fuel serotonin production in the brain, and also improve the dogs’ moods, just favor it does humans. This deserve to likewise assist to store their coat shiny. In truth, every time I go right into the kitchen and my dogs hear the coconut jar open, they will run across the house right into the kitchen to acquire some. Coconut oil is likewise a good antibacterial agent for their teeth. Just don’t offer them even more than a teaspoon or it may cause oily stools.

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6 Playing in the Snow

While we never before leave our precious dogs exterior in the scurrently during winter, they carry out love going for a quick play session outside through us! Watch exactly how frisky your dogs gain outside for a few minutes during the next snow day you have actually that comes around. Dogs get a substantial sense of power from the cold weather in brief spurts and will act favor puppies aacquire external playing in it. Just be sure not to leave them exterior alone, and also dress them warmth so they do not obtain as well cold!

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7 The Litter Box

Now this is one that I wish wasn’t true, however I had to include it bereason if you have cats, you need to know this too! Regardmuch less of just how gross it is, your dog likes getting in your kitty’s litter box, so save it away behind closed doors, or in an area they cannot acquire to!

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8 Stinky Stuff

Ever notification exactly how your dog always appears to uncover somepoint that"s smelly, gross or dead and roll around in it? According to Health24.com, this is type of favor the canine identical to us domaking use of ourselves Chanel No. 5. They discover a smell, regardless of whether it"s an excellent or bad, and dogs instinctively want to acquire as cshed as feasible to it. Another theory is that dogs come from a long line of hunters that would often attempt to disguise their scent so it"s a halittle they never removed.

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9 Eating Grass

I"ve never before met a dog that didn"t like to munch on some grass eexceptionally currently and then. I always wondered if this was a behavior I need to be correcting or not, but transforms out no one is 100% certain why dogs perform it. Some civilization think it"s to help their digestion while others think they eat it to assist them vomit somepoint that"s making them feel ill. Either means, if it helps them feel much better, why not?

Pets are such interesting creatures, and also dogs are absolutely my favorite over all various other animals. I wouldn’t recognize what to perform without my dog, and finding out around things she enjoys brings me closer to her and also helps me make her one happy girl! What odd points does your dog enjoy?


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Aroreiel My dog loves the dead leaves in Autumn. When you kick the leaves in the air, she jumps like a spring to attempt and catch them. It"s like heaven to her.


Emily Do not let your dog eat grass, we had actually to perform surgery on my dog Molly bereason grass was compacted in her stomach. The vet said that the grass thing is a myth. So if you have the right to protect against enabling them to eat grass I extremely indicate it haha


Elaina Just add to the list of can"t eats- mushrooms and also grapes(kinda goes hand in hand via the raisins, however some world miss out on that).


Louise My dog HATES fruit/veg in general! Even if it"s in his dog food, he can"t stand also them... He"s like a typical child! lol


Allyboy I really hate to say anypoint negative as soon as someone goes out on a limb to share such sweet stories around their pets, however I really need to agree w/ Melissa on this. It is pretty dangerous to compose an post about things that your dog will certainly like without listing both sides 2 a particular point like the laser tip and vegetables. Unfortunately tbelow are many type of people who just gloss over an write-up and also catch only the highlights. With this specific short article that would certainly not be excellent. Regardmuch less of that it was an excellent little article and I think it"s adorable that your dog actually carries your clothes into his/herbed!


melissa If your going to compose an write-up PLEASE research study the things you are saying...If you desire to imply fruits and veggies for your pet INCLUDE the LONG LIST OF TOXIC ONES for your readers..You argued a couple of not to offer yet tbelow are so many kind of even more...Same thing through the laser guideline, please research what you are informing people, this can be very negative for your dog also....Not everyone will look up or recognize what is great or poor, they simply check out the post and think you recognize what your talking around...Just a thought....


Jennapher I think pets in basic, if they are happy and also loved, will naturally want to sleep on or near your apparel. I have actually both cats and dogs, and also they love nothing much better than to find a pile of laundry and also sleep on height of it. I would imagine that this has actually a lot to perform through the reality that dogs and also cats have actually have incredibly sensitive feeling of smell, whereas they execute not see specifically well. I had actually a cat that loved to lay on my sneaks! My rat terrier claimed a brand also new micro-fiber bathrobe and also made it her very own personal blanket. You gotta love "em 🐕


Janhavi The clothing component Is true for mine. The minute he comes right into my room, he runs to my closet n goes to sleep in it.


Fey The garments and also coconut oil are true for my toy poodle! If just he wouldn"t chew on my clothes after he runs amethod via them.


Isabella I know a couple of cats who looove laser lights haha!


sparkle And grapes


Danielle You could want to be more thounstable or tell human being to research what fruits and veggies are negative for dogs, because you missed many them that are dangerous and also deadly in this post and also I don"t want to see any type of pets obtain sick.