Although the halittle bit is harmless, a tiny training might be required to tone it dvery own.

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If you are wondering why your pup nibbles your years, it is because;

He loves youIs comfortable approximately youHe is grooming youIt is a sign of respectHe likes the taste of your ear

VIDEO: Puppy Nibbles on Owner’s Ear


A sign of love

Nibbling and also licking the ear is a authorize of affection.

This is how dogs show love in the canine human being.

Since your pup considers you a packmate, he doesn’t mind showing you some love.

A sign of comfort

Nibbling the ear followed by nuzzling shows your dog is comfortable around you.

Pups would certainly additionally do this if they feel content and want to bond through their owners.

In the canine human being, bonding is done with scent noting.

Nibbling your ear allows the dog to pick up scents from you.

And by licking, he is transferring his scent to you.

Also, dogs would certainly nibble the ear if they are playing.

If you are lying down at the very same level when playing, nibbling might be a type of tickling for fun.

Anvarious other authorize your dog is comfortable roughly you is once he sleeps on your lap.


Cats and dogs have actually the very same grooming actions.

In the company of other pets, they will groom each various other to save them clean and bond.

Nibbling and licking help clean the ear and wade off infection.

Your ear may not be infected or dirty, but your pup doesn’t mind providing it an excellent old clean.

Showing respect

As weird as it might sound, a dog will nibble your ear as a sign of respect.

In the canine civilization, the alpha is revered by the rest of the pack with licking and also nibbling.

So maybe your dog considers you as the alpha in his pack.

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He loves it

Your dog could nibble your ears for the fun of it.

Unbeknownst to you, dogs can capture and also check out various scents from your ear.

A gentle nibble of the ear could tell a dog a lot about you.

Alternatively, perhaps your dog likes the bitter taste of earwax.

When is ear nibbling a problem?

Maybe you execute not mind your dog providing you nibbles now and then.

But if not trained to sheight, a dog can behave actually the same way around guests and also strangers.

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To stop grossing out other human being, it is crucial to train your dog to speak the halittle.