Has your dog been gently biting your nose recently? You understand, prefer those little bit cute nibbles and also chews they carry out through their front teeth, periodically merged via little bit lick too?

It’s somepoint my dog does also, however I’ve never known why. That was till this week once I spoke via a dog behavior specialist, and also here’s what they told me, plus my own study and also observations.

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Why does my dog bite my nose? Your dog bites your nose gently to acquire attention. It have the right to also be bereason they desire you to play through them, and also they understand the game starts with a small nose nibble. It can additionally be teething actions in young puppies.

Some owners additionally describe these little nose nibbles as love bites from your dog. As in, their means of reflecting you love prefer they can with a puppy or sibling.

Whilst it can be cute having your dog nibbling you on the nose, a totally grvery own Alsatian doing it may not be so cute. In reality, it can become downbest dangerous, specifically if you have young youngsters in the house who can reason a reaction in the dog.

With so many type of factors resulting in your dog to chew you on your nose, I’m going to dive deep right into this topic. So, read on and uncover why your dog does it and also some tips on how to sheight this (mostly) “love” biting behavior.

Why does my dog like to bite my nose?

Tright here are a number of reasons why your dog appears to be play biting or licking your nose like this, every one of which are in-depth below.

1. Your dog bites your nose to initiate play

Have you ever before noticed just how dogs like to bite at each other’s necks and ears, but never execute it difficult sufficient to hurt? Well, this is exceptionally equivalent to what your dog is doing once he starts nibbling your nose with his front teeth.

Your dog might bite at your nose in the exact same method they nip at other dogs to play.

Dogs perform this, in the main, to initiate play. It’s something that they learn as puppies, through bit bites regularly the way to start a game off or carry the other participant to submission.

2. Your dog bites your nose bereason of teepoint pains

If your fur-baby is still a young puppy and has founding to teethe, they’re going to look for anypoint to relieve the pain. Instinct drives them to chew on whatever before they have the right to uncover (think of the humale baby that will certainly chomp on a teepoint ring, your finger, a tough biscuit – the list goes on).

Your puppy will chew on table legs, toys, bones and also if they uncover it, your nose! And your puppy will certainly likewise chew your nose if you cuddle him regularly or let him lay on your lap or chest. If it’s in sight, it’s fair game.

Is it a great idea to let your nose become your pup’s teepoint ring? No, of course not. Encouraging dogs to obtain too close to deals with can lead to problems better down the line. If you haven’t gained a teething toy, here’s one on Amazon.


This is just pertinent to puppies that are still teething, which commonly be over by 8 months of age at the the majority of.

There’s additionally the consideration at this age, that puppies are founding to communicate through the civilization through their mouths and also noses. A young dog might lick and also bite at your nose because he’s trying out and thinks it’s one means of talking to you… or figuring you out!

3. Your dog bites your nose to acquire attention

Hey, provide me some attention!

Have you noticed as soon as your dog thinks it’s time for his owner to pay him some attention, he constantly finds means to obtain it? Whether that’s peeing on you (yes, this does happen), barking, or bringing you a toy, they have their ways!

And biting your nose is just an additional method for your dog to get that attention. It could be that he or she is obtaining bored or requirements some added attention.

He simply play bit my nose, and is now pretending he’s bored again!

Aside from nose nibbing, other times a dog will certainly grab your attention will be by making use of the complying with sneaky tactics:

Getting under your feet:All of a sudden wherever you’re going, your dog is deliberately obtaining tangled up in your legs. At least, this is what my dog does when he starts to gain bored and nagging for me to play through him.Bringing playthings to you:One of the methods our dogs tell us they want some attention is by bringing their favorite toys to us. It might be a round or a soft toy. Either way, once your dog starts piling his playthings at your feet, recognize they want you to provide them some added love (or play a game).Staring at his leash:This happens usually roughly walkies time however periodically your dog will execute it sindicate to get your attention. He’ll stand, staring at his leash, periodically yapping till you provide him some love.Biting your nose:Yup, your dog may be nipping you on your nose bereason it’s a way of gaining you to take note he wants your attention. He might be nipping you in other places on your body, however frequently times they pick your nose. They know they gain an excellent reaction every time they do!

4. Your dog bites your nose when points get out of hand

Okay, now you’re providing your dog all the attention he wants, and you decide to play a game of “stormy and also tumble” on the lawn. This is so much fun until your dog unexpectedly bites you on your nose.

When dogs acquire excited, they foracquire what they’re doing and biting your nose might happen because it’s sindicate happens to be tright here. But it can end up being a poor habit every time they carry out obtain excited.

Your dog gets excited once you come house, and they bite you on your nose. They’re excited when your baby nephew pertains to play. And nips him on his nose. Not such an excellent concept particularly if baby nephew’s starts to cry and mom gets mad (rightly so).

Handy Hint: Here’s what you have the right to execute about a dog that gets jealous around a brand-new baby coming right into the residence.

Excitement levels in your dog might make them carry out points they shouldn’t perform and also one of them is biting noses.

5. Your dog bites your nose because you’ve motivated it

If you very own a small breed dog, biting or nibbling of your nose might seem harmless and also you might actually like it. When it happens, you reward him either by offering him treats or cooing him with loving words.

But, if you encourage this habits from young and also your dog thinks it’s normal, it might get out of hand. Other human being might not appreciate it so a lot when visiting you especially if your dog is a slobbering Great Dane.

Nibbling noses might turn right into some nasty bites specifically if the dog feels he’s not gaining the attention he wants. Or the excitement levels gain too high.

It’s exceptionally tempting to reward your dog for this type of habits specifically once its gentle nibbling and also he’s doing it because he loves you so much. Or, as I currently pointed out, it’s your pup’s method of connecting through you.

What perform you perform if your dog bites your nose?

It’s an excellent concept to teach your dog from young that biting your nose is not acceptable. It might end up being a dangerous halittle bit and also as its owner, you should speak him from doing it.

Here are some tips to assist you soptimal your dog from biting your nose.

1. Ideal (expert) training

It’s always an excellent concept to uncover a neighborhood dog trainer or pet behaviorist to assist you with training your dog from young. You deserve to also revolve to these experts if it’s a halittle your dog creates once they’re older.

These professionals know all the tricks of the profession and will certainly teach your dog (and you) the best actions via appropriate reinforcement training.

2. Only reward good behavior

Teach your dog they’ll only be rewarded for good habits. Eincredibly time they nibble or bite your nose, walk ameans from them. Avoid saying anypoint as soon as they bite your nose. Ssuggest gain up and also walk ameans.

Your dog will learn that biting your nose is not acceptable as soon as you no much longer respond to this habits.

3. Give your dog playthings and bones to chew on

Make certain your dog has sufficient toys and bones he deserve to chew on. This is crucial from puppyhood as it’ll teach him to know what he’s allowed to bite. And it shouldn’t include your nose.

Toys and also bones deserve to be offered to take his focus amethod from your nose. You might ensure they’re around at times once he’s likely to nip your nose such as when you’re playing a game of unstable and also tumble.

4. Give your dog the attention he needs

Your dog demands attention. They feel secure and loved as soon as their owner acknowledges them. So, make certain you’re providing them sufficient of this by playing games, taking them for walks and also giving them continual cuddles.

Of course, your dog needs to learn they can’t obtain attention all the time. But, by learning they’re loved and cared for will aid them speak making use of unhealthy habits to acquire your attention.


Little doggy love bites are nice to gain however when it’s your dog nipping you on your nose, it deserve to end up being problematic. I expect it depends on why they’re doing it, as to exactly how you react… however if you suspect it’s problematic, nip the nose chewing in the bud as soon as you have the right to.

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If you don’t, puppies will grow up reasoning it’s acceptable actions, and tright here will be times once it’s absolutely isn’t.