What do all these breeds have actually in common? Corgi, Great Pyrenees, Aussie, Border collie, dachshund, Bernese mountain dogs, Maremma sheepdogs, heelers—all of these dogs (or mixes) were bred to perform a details task. Historically, they acted as farm protection guards, tunneled for vermin, or steeredor herdedlivestock.

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Why Dogs Bite Ankles and Feet

As a vet tech, I regularly heard new puppy owners ask about ankle biting when they involved the clinic for puppy wellness exams. We would certainly talk to them about herding behavior and also exactly how herbal this habits is for particular breeds or mixes.


Also, consider an enrichment schedule for your four-legged frifinish. Eincredibly day of the week, note an task for them ranging from toy to food and environmental enrichment.

Safety initially, of course! Supervise any type of brand-new enrichment activities to ensure they’re not a danger to your pet.

Training professionals and co-authors of Beyond Squeaky Toys provide valuable advice for pet parental fees. Their recommended schedule has a ton of ways to collection your dog up for success. An example plan:

Sensory: peppermint scentSocial: dog parkFeeding: feed meals out of puzzle toysToys: rubber toys

You just require some imagination! No one wants to go for a walk with their ankle-biting puppy or adult dog. Redirecting is easy, yet you require time and also patience.

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Just don’t blame your dog for behaving in means that are natural for them. Instead, find various other great games.

Further Reading

“Be a Tree” is a regime that provides some excellent dog-bite avoidance sources. You hardly ever before see dogs chasing, nipping, or biting at trees. Why? Due to the fact that they’re boring—they don’t move, squeal, run amethod, scream, offer eye call, or push the dog amethod.

This routine teaches pet owners exactly how to check out their dog, and also is additionally practical for kids discovering to safely connect with dogs.