In this article, we will discover the many kind of factors for which bearded dragons have actually such a strong tendency to lick things in their surroundings. Read on as we describe some of the scientific values linked with the licking tendencies experienced among bearded dragons as well.

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Why do bearded dragons lick everything? The licking habits you see in bearded dragons is their means of familiarizing themselves with their environs. Each lick gathers pposts that trigger the Jacobson’s body organ for knowledge their setting better. Additionally, their feeling of smell is accentuated by the method they lick points around them.

In this write-up, we will certainly also check out added functions played by the Jacobson’s (or vomeronasal) body organ, which encompass abetting the detection of pheromones and also assisting in reproductive behavior. So make sure to check out on till the extremely end as we explore eextremely aspect of this enthralling licking actions checked out in bearded dragons.

It’s Strictly Speaking NOT Licking!

That which comes throughout as licking actions in bearded dragons is strictly speaking not licking the method we human beings understand and relate to the word. Yet, considering that it has the finish look and also feel of licking, we describe it as such.

Otherwise, beardies simply usage their tongue to gain a really good feeling of their surroundings; in the procedure of doing so, they gather pposts which send out receptive signals to the came to Jacobson’s organ.

Curiosity Thrills the Beardies!

You have to have heard the extensively provided expression ‘curiosity kills the cat’. In the instance of bearded dragons though, we have the right to state, ‘curiosity thrills the beardies’ considering that this facet of inquisitiveness plays a really significant component in explaining the licking behavior seen in them.

With each lick (or at leastern what appears to be licking), bearded dragons gain a far better grasp on the atmosphere approximately them. Remember that pet beardies are much, far away from their natural desert/ woodland surroundings of Australia.

Newly bred bearded dragons are particularly very curious about the ambiance about them and also tend to display screen this licking habits all the even more typically. Some influential examples of reasons for which bearded dragons particularly choose to lick include:

Gauging Temperature – Bearded dragons are often exceptionally curious around the temperature of items in their vicinity. Therefore, commonly, the licking behavior that you view in them might well be an effort on their component to ascertain exactly how warm or cold an item may be.Texture – Interestingly, bearded dragons are frequently curious about the texture of items as well. That is the factor, aobtain you will certainly discover them licking away fairly represently, sindicate to gauge the texture of items approximately them; how turbulent or smooth they are, etc.

More around Smell than Taste

While many kind of think about bearded dragons to be gaining a “taste” for their surroundings by their licking behavior, factually speaking, with beardies, it is even more around smell than taste. As with many reptiles which tfinish to have a strong sense of smell, bearded dragons are no exception.

Eexceptionally flick of the tongue sends out out signals onto receptors that are present on the roofs of their mouths. These receptors, in turn, assist bearded dragons understand also their surroundings better and deal with them appropriately.

So, rather than “taste”, we can refer to the way beardies go around licking points around them as their method of transferring out a “test” of their ambient atmosphere.

Lickety Instances that Stand also Out

While bearded dragons have the right to go about licking just about everything that comes their way, tbelow are some instances that specifically stand also out:

Beardies specifically love licking objects in their habitat – this is wbelow they spfinish maximum time in, and also really prefer to familiarize themselves through items within it.YOU! Yes, you and also various other family members members/friends spending maximum time via your beardie; your pet is rather most likely to go all lickety with them!Food items – Each brand-new food item, especially once initially introduced, would raise curiosity in your beardie, which would certainly, in turn, compel it to go about licking it.

Tright here are some (small!) Exceptions

While the majority of bearded dragons by far screen this tendency to lick things around them, there are some, albeit small, exceptions which may not display screen such behavior.

You have to not construe this as somepoint inexplicable, specifically not somepoint which might need any kind of type of corrective activity, say taking your pet to the vet or any such measure.

Just as among us human beings, tbelow are many type of characteristic traits typical to many of us, and yet, tbelow is this slim minority which deviates from the norm and also does not screen such tendencies, exact same is true with bearded dragons too.

Sindicate take it as a case of individual differences and also relocate on!

Wrongful Perception of Fear

It would certainly be worthy to point out at this time that bearded dragons perform not lick ameans, out of any sense of fear. We cite this because there is a misconception, specifically among newbie beardie owners, that perhaps they are licking out of are afraid.

That is simply not the situation at all. As we have generally pointed out throughout this article, it is sindicate a situation of curiosity, of learning their surroundings, and also a little more…which we touch upon in the following area.

Jacobson’s Organ’s Role beyond Sensory Detection

While Jacobson’s or vomeronasal organ mostly has a sensory detection duty to play, it does end up perdeveloping parts beyond that also.

In certain, it does help bearded dragons detect pheromones in various other beardies. Thus, especially when it is mating time, Jacobson’s organ definitely plays a vital role in ensuring that simply the best beardies “connect” through one one more.

As an outcome, one have the right to quickly attract an allegory to conclude that efficiently, Jacobson’s body organ does add in the direction of the reproduction procedure among bearded dragons. After all, by helping them select their best partner, the vomeronasal body organ ensures that the “beardie legacy” goes on unabashed!


Bearded dragons tfinish to lick things approximately them to gain a feeling, a feel of their surroundings. The Jacobson’s body organ plays a pivotal role in this entire procedure, ensuring that beardies perform acquire an accurate picture of their ambiance.

Alongside, it does assist through pheromone detection – and therefore, assists with cohabitation of bearded dragons as well.

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