Fans of Showtime’s longest-running original series, Shameless, have always wondered what Lip Gallagher’s (Jeremy Allen White) tatalso implies. He’s shirtless pretty frequently over the 11 seasons of the series, so the triangle on his bare chest should intend something.

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It turns out that fans came up via many kind of even more advanced reasons for Lip’s tattoo than the actual definition. In genuine life, the actor reluctantly admitted to fans the “really lame” reason Lip has that simple triangle tatalso on his chest.


‘Shameless’ actor Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher | Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME

‘Shameless’ fans believe that Lip Gallagher’s triangle tatalso is mathematical

Over the past 10 years of Shameless, fans came up with various reasons for Lip’s well known triangle tatas well. Most of the explanations centered around math bereason the tatalso looks like the uppercase Greek letter, Delta.

“I understand in math, Delta is supplied to recurrent ‘readjust,"” one fan wrote on Reddit. “So I constantly told myself that’s what it intended given that he’s a brainiac.”

On the display, Lip is the the majority of intelligent of all of the Gallagher kids. So, fans assume that the tatas well symbolizes something systematic related to math or science.

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“I have actually a good frifinish who graduated through degrees in math, physics, and engineering,” another fan added. “He has this precise very same tattoo on his ago because he states it represents the a lot of solid foundation recognized to guy.”

Jeremy Allen White’s real triangle tatalso ended up being ‘Shameless’ Lip Gallagher’s tattoo

It transforms out that Lip’s tatalso was not somepoint included to his character on purpose. White lastly told fans why he preserved his tattoo for Shameless in a current intercheck out via Fox. 

“I appreciate your question, but it’s a really lame answer I have for this,” White told the outlet. “The triangle tattoo was for a pair of friends. I gained it when I was really young. I was favor 17, and also it was done incredibly poorly, so it’s extremely increased.”

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Although he explained once he gained the tatas well, White never gave details about what it symbolizes. It sounds favor somepoint he desires to store in between friends. 

“I saw shoot the pilot forShameless, and it was pretty a lot just a pain to cover,” he ongoing. were like ‘it’s so elevated, no issue what you do to it, you pretty a lot view it.’ We finished up asking the tatas well artist if I could have actually his tatas well on my body, so Lip ended up through the tatalso and also myself.”

In his movie, ‘The Rental’ White tried to style a tatas well for his character

After having a popular tatas well on Shameless, White wanted to create somepoint distinct for his following acting duty. In 2020, he starred as Josh in the horror-thriller, The Rental. The director, Dave Franco, provided him the green light to style a tatas well. 

“I talked to Dave around Josh having actually multiple tattoos,” White defined. “But I wanted to style my very own tattoos with him with my actual friend Josh. We came up via every one of these principles, and I tried to kind of combine some of my stuff and my friend’s artistic occupational. We all sort of tried to discover somepoint that operated. Unfortunately, I proved the tattoos to Dave, and he was choose, ‘I think it’s a tiny little bit too much."”

So, White didn’t get to incorporate any kind of of his tatas well ideas right into his new character. If the director had said “Yes,” Josh would certainly have had a kangaroo via punching gloves on his body somewright here.