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Where can I watch/ downpack Digimon episodes?

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Where have the right to I watch Digimon movies?



-Also, tryHERE

Follow back?

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What episode carry out the kids give up their crests so their digimon can’t reach Ultimate levels?

Seaboy 2, episode 27: Fusion Confusion

Wbelow can I get wearable tags & crests?

Do you have a connect to the 30 Day Digimon Challenge?

Do you write Fanfiction/ Can you short article a link?

How can Gatomon stay in her Champion level?

Gatomon deserve to remain at a champion level bereason her tail ring gives her even more power. Also, because she was Myotismon’s “servant”basically, she acquired the majority of strength and toughness that way, making her more effective.“Unfavor the remainder of the DigiDestined Digimon, the Champion develop is the many common create for Gatomon, as she is the only one able to preserve that level consistently. This is as a result of the reality she is the just companion Digimon who achieved Champion create prior to meeting her companion, in various other words, normally and also without any help from a Digivice. For the other Digimon, Champion create is a lot harder to constantly preserve.”

Which couples are shown in the 02 epilogue?

Kenyako (Ken x Yolei)Sorato (Matt x Sora)

When are the DD’s birthdays?

They are never given official birthdays yet their fanmade ones (some controversy over each) are as follows:

Kari: January 26, December 26Mimi: February 28, May 20Cody: March 2, September 27Marcus Damon: April 2Matt: April 11, April 23Zoe: May 14Tai: May 19, July 15Yolei: June 4, October 18Joe: June 24, July 8Davis: May 12, August 13Takuya: August 21Ken: July 30, September 25Sora: October 10, October 25TK: November 6Koji & Koichi: November 12Izzy: November 6, December 16Rika: December 21

There’s also this list that we use on Digimon RP:


Who were the original Digidestined that Gennai discussed in season one?

It is never before mentioned. Theories that we’ve come up through at FYDD incorporate them being the Frontier kids, or that Cody’s dad and Matt’s dad were among them.

How was Tai able to get to the Digicivilization in the initially episode of seachild 2?

We can’t understand for certain, but the 2 theories we came up through are that:

The gate was open up for whatever before reason and also consistent Digivices have the right to gain the youngsters to the Digihuman being, but only D3s can open a gate.Tai’s bond with Agumon was so solid that it enabled him to acquire to the Digiworld. This happened before in Our War Video Game (Digimon: The Movie pt II) once they were fighting Diaboromon and also with the bond they common with their particular partners: Matt and also Tai were turned into Digital information and also might go to their Digimon’s aid that way.

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What’s up with Ryo and also why is he in 02 AND Tamers?

He’s initially from theDigimonAdundertaking people and was Ken’s previous DNA partner. Ken and Ryo fight in between 01 and 02 soMillenniummonsent out Ryo to the Tamer’s Digicivilization in the results of his defeat. ClickHEREfor even more information.