i constantly imagined it was a thick head of elvis quiff, which no matter how hard he tries, he cant style it diferentley, so he wears a hat

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I think it"s a bruise from his doge-sphere occurrence.

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as soon as he initially discussed the incident he freaked out and also got hold of his hat. listen to the reactions:jeez louisecoolahh! my eyes! does it hurt double d?yep, an embarrassing bruise...
I understand what is under his hat and i understand you wouldnt belive me so go on www.cartoonnetwork.com and play lanchroom rumble you play always with edd and when you win he will certainly take his hat off
remember in the component ed went to occupational at rolfs. ed need to peel tenzeleon potato edd involved aid and he took a hair pin out of his sock so im sure he have actually pin head likewise in lunch room rumble edd took his hat of but its fake
First I heard it was a substantial sauto, which is healed by currently, but Edd is still embarassed, so he hides it under his so-referred to as ""hat"". Then I heard it"s bereason he has curly blond hair and is embarassed around that also, and that only Ed and Eddy knows his VERY well kept secret...
hes gots a poor hairreduced thats wat i wud hide however i dnt have actually 2 *swings head side 2 side* *crack* o crap cramp!!!
he more than likely has hairjudging by his brother, I"d say that he"s blondeEDD HAS BLONDE HAIRunlike all the various other men in the show that just have 3 hairs (exept for rolph)
I think he"s obsessive-compulsive and that he fixates on what his hair looks choose, believing that it"s abnormally greasy-looking, when it"s actually not that inexplicable at all. It would certainly be simply prefer him, given that we already understand he obsesses over whatever being clean and "looking a particular way" and also that he"s insecure about his appearance. I bet once his hat came off in the show Ed and also Eddy couldn"t even number out what the massive deal was, because tbelow isn"t one. That"s simply my theory.
well in some episodes his hat comes off and also Eddy is all prefer "are you trying to blind me?" so it need to be somethign strange...I do agree though Double D would execute something favor that.
hmmmmm well I understand he need to have a love letter from may kanker from the valentines day episode, though, I think he most likely is either bald, or has a really weird haircarry out.
God I do not even start to think about what could be under there. xD Hmm, I really don"t recognize, yet I think maybe it"s just a bad hair reduced... at least that"s what I hope. Remember he pulled out a bobby pin from his hat so possibly that"s some indication?
it mentioned in a intersee that he has curly blonde hair and also thinks if other civilization knew they would make fun of him
if ask me i think he has braids....if you look at the earlier of his head you'll view clearly that he does not have blonde hair. Onheight of that my friend observed the last episode and shelp he takes off his hat on that episode and also he didn't have blonde hair.
I think the "dodgeround injury" led to...-an exposed brain (incredibly unlikely)-a sautomobile (second many likely)-a dented head (unlikely)-he needed stitches (the majority of most likely do to his breakable body and the reality that it is offers out a good reaction)
while watching a Ed,Edd"n Eddy movie Big Picture Show as soon as ed pulled edd hat off eddy said he was blind and also ed asked did it hurt so is it feasible that he has a svehicle and is bald? skip to 13:00
My finest guess is most likely gonna have to be this, because it has more proof then any kind of other theory, and of course the pic of LunchRoom Rumble is non-canon(it wasn"t made by AKA Cartoon studios.)
Well, I constantly pictured him with blond hair. I"m guessing that probably he has actually a sautomobile across his hairline, or somepoint to that impact. Ed has actually asked him "Does it hurt?" and has likewise commented on it being "Cool." Seems like somepoint he would certainly say around a svehicle. Eddy said "Geez louise" and also screamed "My eyes!" when Double D took off his hat. It sounds prefer a sauto to me.I don"t think that the animation on the Lunchroom Rumble game is correct. I don"t obtain why Eddy would certainly yell "MY EYES!" simply because Double D has actually braids. Or why Ed would certainly ask if it hurts.
I doubt the dodgesphere occurrence has anypoint to do through it, because I think there"s an episode that mirrors him as a baby, still wearing the sock-hat. So, I"m just gonna go via the "blonde curly hair" concept. Also, for the human being who think his hair is black, it could be true. But, all the characters" hair would be babsence by that theory, as everyone"s hair color is "black"; Just hair strands.^^;; Sorry around the long write-up...
Well the the three hairs of the ago of that hat could mean that"s his hair then thin strips of hair so he can have actually relatively thin hair which is widespread for the Ed"s as is seems because Ed appears to have actually a variety of little hairs on his head and also Eddy has 3 different sized hairs on his head so it might be something equivalent to their hair butt Double D chooses to hide it under a hat.
If any of you have actually played FUSION FALL, you"d most likely involved the very same conclusion I did:Deadlocks.Or Cornrows.I don"t know around the shade, perhaps brown-ish blond, yet I"m pretty sure he has actually either dreadlocks or cornrows.
I think those 3 lines of hair thrive right into his eyeballs. Basically, his eyelashes rotate right into his hair. That would be sufficiently weird and fulfill Ed and Eddy"s gross-out reactions and also the "does it hurt" thing.
Since edd is horrified of dodgeball and also screams as soon as close to dodgeballs i assume its either an injury or just a negative hairreduced :D
I think he has actually a large birthnote on his head. The incredibly concept that he has actually super long hair is ridiculous! Or another concept is that he has actually trichotillomania. It is a disorder, look it up. Many kind of world with it will be incredibly ashamed and go to good lengths to hide what they did, such as wearing a hat. Remember how he got really angry in that episode where eddy got a large zit on his head. To quote him, "in all my years, I have actually never before watched such deplorable actions over one"s elevation of the skin!"
We May never before know. i think he could be bald or probably hiding something prefer has actually a mind under it we do not understand and also i wish they verified in the movie but guess what THEY CENSORED IT!!!!!!!! but all we know is he got it from a dodgeround event.

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Well tbelow are most theories yet the one I believe is he got hurt and his parents made him wear a hat it healed however he still favored wearing it.
I think he"s bald. Double D"s such a neat freak, he was probably afrhelp of obtaining lice-infested or some shit lol
I"m a year late but I think that he has actually strips of his hair absent. You understand in that episode when he rips bandaids off the various other ed"s heads? It appears way to violent for him, if either of them had hair it would be ripped out, would certainly it not? I wonder wbelow he obtained the idea from. May I allude out the fact that edds parental fees are conveniently absent. Just a assumed.



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