Your Android device is full of features that are incredibly valuable, prefer the capacity to rotate on “Do Not Disturb,” which avoids notifications from vibrating or pinging your Android device. It can be a godsend if you’re in an essential meeting or you just want to be left alone and need an excuse.

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Unfortunately, on very rare occasions, such features refusage to work. In the situation of “Do Not Disturb,” it will certainly keep turning on when you don’t want it to. What carry out you do? Throw your hands up in defeat? Learn to mind read?

No, rather, look below for numerous remedies you can make use of to deal with this “Do Not Disturb” concern. Do try them one after an additional until you uncover the gold ticket, considering it’s challenging to pinallude the precise issue.

Check in Your Settings

Your Setups is a boon of indevelopment. If you examine “Do Not Disturb” in your Settings, you may find that it’s collection to a schedule. If it is, your Android gadget will automatically set itself to “Do Not Disturb,” for this reason, what it keeps turning on. Does it consistently rotate on at particular times? If so, that’s the concern.

Here’s what you do:

1. Locate and open the Settings application.

2. In your Setups food selection, locate Sound & Notification. When you execute, pick it.


3. In the Sound & Notification food selection, you’ll uncover “Do Not Disturb” among your menu options. Go ahead and also pick it.


4. At the height, you’ll watch “Do Not Disturb.” If it’s set to “Schedule,” then you’ve discovered the culprit. Select it and choose “Never” from the drop dvery own food selection.

Disable “Do Not Disturb” From Fast Settings

If your Android device contains a “Do Not Disturb” quick symbol in your notice shade, periodically it deserve to be a bit finicky on older Android devices. If the quick icon is allowed, and also you disable “Do Not Disturb” elsewhere, periodically your quick settings have the right to override any type of changes in your Settings food selection.

Here’s what you do:

1. Tap on your alert bar at the optimal of your display screen, or swipe dvery own founding at your notice bar. In doing so, you reveal your alert shade.

2. At the optimal you’ll watch your Quick Settings. To expose even more, swipe dvery own aobtain, beginning at your Rapid Setups.

3. Disable “Do Not Disturb” by tapping on its symbol.

Disable “Do Not Disturb” With Volume Buttons

If you revolve dvery own your volume far enough, you’ll ultimately location your Android tool right into “Do Not Disturb” mode. This can occur accidentally if you fiddle through your volume butlots a lot. Don’t concern, it happens to the finest.

1. Keep pushing the Volume Up button until your gadget has actually got to maximum volume.

2. Find and open the Settings app.

3. In your Settings menu, situate Sound & Notification. When you do, select it.


4. Encertain that eexceptionally volume alternative has been collection to maximum volume.

Clear Cache and Data

Not all Android gadgets have actually this option accessible, yet if you’re able to accessibility the device attribute itself, you have the right to clear the cache and information. You may have actually some corrupted records, which can be easily cleared.

1. Locate and open up the Settings application.

2. In your Setups food selection, choose Apps. You may have to scroll to find it.


3. In your Apps menu, you’ll view 3 vertical dots in the height best edge of your display. Select them. In the drop down menu, pick Show System.

4. Locate the “Do Not Disturb” function among your list of apps.


5. Select Force Stop on the application info page.

6. Next off, select Storage.


7. Finally, tap Clear Cache and also then Clear Data.

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Bottom Line

It can be fairly annoying to have this helpful feature work versus you. Thankfully, there’s plenty of options to help you resolve the difficulty, and also hopetotally one of them operated for you.