"They"re such beautiful shirts," she sobbed, her muffled in the folds. "It makes me sad bereason I"ve never before watched such beautiful shirts."

In The Great Gatsby, Daisy"s reaction to the shirts demonstprices both her regret and also her materialism. This moment happens during her first visit to Gatsby"s mansion. By the moment she reaches Gatsby"s bedroom, she is overwhelmed to watch the wealth of the male she left behind. It appears that Daisy cries bereason she realizes she made a mistake in picking to marry Tom for money, not realizing that sooner or later, Gatsby, the male she truly loved, would certainly be rich.

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Daisy Buchanan sobs once she sees Jay Gatsby "s outstanding repertoire of tailor-made shirts for a number of factors. Her initial reactivity being to sob at the collection of shirts highlights her superficial personality and also materialistic nature. Daisy is shown as an extremely shallow woman, that is mainly involved around her social...

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Daisy Buchanan sobs once she sees Jay Gatsby"s exceptional arsenal of tailor-made shirts for a number of factors. Her initial reaction being to sob at the collection of shirts highlights her superficial personality and materialistic nature. Daisy is portrayed as an extremely shenable womale, that is mostly involved about her social condition and also wealth. Witnessing Gatsby"s expensive shirts evokes a visceral reactivity from Daisy, which depicts her attachment to practical material objects. Contrasted to her reactivity to accidentally killing Myrtle and also her refusal to attfinish Gatsby"s funeral, her emotional reaction to the shirts is even more touching and emphasizes the extent of her superficiality.

One might likewise argue that Daisy cries because she recognizes what she has lost by choosing to marry the callous, arrogant Tom Buchanan. At the moment Gatsby was dating Daisy in Kentucky, he might not afford such lavish items or impush her via a present of wealth. After Gatsby was deployed abroad, she made the rational decision to marry Tom based upon his social condition, which turned out to be a disastrous mistake. At the minute Daisy sees the tradition shirts, she recognizes her mistake and regrets her decision. She deserve to check out an alternate, much better life via Gatsby, wright here she does not have to question his fidelity or feel insecure.

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Daisy might likewise cry at the shirts because they affirm Gatsby"s wide range and prove that he is the perboy he clintends to be. After five years, Daisy may be apprehensive to think that her previous lover is a rich bachelor living across the water. Daisy also admits to being jaded and also might assume that Gatsby was ssuggest lying about his background. The tradition shirts are proof that Gatsby owns the mansion and also is informing the truth, which is necessary to Daisy and evokes an emotional reactivity from her.