When my eldest was just a tiny baby, my husband and I noticed this baby kicking legs and flailing arms and crying on numerous occasions. Particularly, the baby was kicking legs and also flailing arms at night.

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But after talking with lots of my mother friends, I found that when a newborn is flailing arms or kicking legs in sleep, it’s pretty normal, depending on the circumstance.

I’ve also had my youngest baby flailing arms while nursing, though that one was straightforward to number out. My milk letdown was overflowing, and also she was expushing her desire for aid before she gained washed amethod.

The reality is a baby thrashing arms and legs is rarely anypoint to gain upcollection about. It is normal for a baby to be flailing arms while sleeping too. Let’s break it all dvery own to gain to the bottom of this exciting phase, shall we?

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Why is my baby flailing her arms and also legs?

It’s not your imagination. All healthy babies will certainly cry more regularly after they hit the 2-week note. They’ll keep this up till normally around 6 weeks. Then things will get much better. They will certainly, I promise.

But as soon as they’re crying and also flailing those arms and legs, you need to wonder what’s up. As I pointed out above, if you’re nursing, it might be flailing because of milk circulation. If your letdown isn’t going rapid enough or is flowing as well fast, your baby may be trying to tell you about it.


That was a question that I freshly received from someone in Denver. I want to assure you that this is nothing to panic about either. When a baby is constantly kicking legs, it is a authorize that he’s overstimulated.

See, babies can’t tell us, “Hey Mom! I really favor your cool rock music, however I’ve had actually sufficient of this now. And these toys…there’s SO many type of of them. Could we like, put them away? And why the F is it so bappropriate in here?!? Help! Must. Run. Amethod.” kicks legs incessantly

If you notice your baby is doing this, look approximately and also watch what’s going on. The music could be too loud, or your baby can be worn down of hearing it. The lights could be too bbest. See if something is overstimulating your baby.

But if nopoint is stimulating your baby at all, you don’t must panic. Babies are working to construct the muscles they should crawl. So once you obtain toward the 6-month note on upward to 11 months, you may notification more leg motion. This is prepping baby to take those crawling journeys around your house.

Why is my baby flailing her arms and legs while sleeping?

If your baby is flailing her arms and legs in her sleep, you deserve to remainder simple. This is a normal reflex, called the Moro reflex. I’ve created about this prior to. It’s likewise recognized as the startle reflex, somepoint that happens in their sleep.

As a newborn, this will wake them up, which is why I’m all for the swaddle. You deserve to read about my swaddling tips here.

Plenty of adults jerk their legs and make arm motions in their sleep. I have to know. My husband does it all the time!

Essentially, babies flailing their arms and also legs in their sleep is a very normal thing. They will certainly ultimately soptimal, but to save them from waking themselves up and from waking you in the process, swaddling your baby till they show signs they’re done through swaddling can aid. I composed about that also, which you deserve to check out here.

When do babies soptimal flailing arms and also legs?

The great news is that at night, the Moro reflex will disappear roughly the age of 5 or 6 months. If your baby is flailing her arms and also legs in the time of the daylight hours and doesn’t seem upset, she’s most likely strengthening her muscles ahead of crawling.

However before, if the baby appears upcollection, she could be overengendered or should pass some gas. She may also have made an epic poop, and the smell might not have actually made itself known just yet. Either way, this is all normal behavior.

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For a baby that never before appears to calm down and also keeps kicking and flailing all the moment, you will desire to speak to your pediatrician to check out if it’s colic. Your physician deserve to absolutely assist with that and reclaim tranquility in your residence.