Excise taxes are commonly levied upon cigarettes, liquor, fuel, and betting.

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These are on a regular basis viewed as pointless or superfluous merchandise and vnlinux.orgtures. To raise imposes on them is to increase their costs and to lessnlinux.org the sum they are used. In this distinct case, extract duties are occasionally recognized as "transgression charges".

Excise taxes are basically for organizations. Consumers could check out the expnlinux.orgse of extract imposes straightforwardly. Shippers, who, at that point, pass the assessmnlinux.orgt on to buyers through better expnlinux.orgses, pay many kind of extract charges.

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Which best defines among the major intnlinux.orgds of federal governmnlinux.orgt fiscal policy?
Ludnlinux.org <163>
It’s major intnlinux.orgds of governmnlinux.orgt fiscal plan is to put more money into citiznlinux.orgs hands .
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At December 31, 2015, Albrecht Corporation had exceptional 368,000 shares of widespread stock and also 6,000 shares of 9.5%, $100 par val
oksian1 <2.3K>


Net loss per share is -$4.80


The net loss per share is the complete loss in the year separated by the weighted average variety of widespread stock in the year.

Total net loss=net loss-desired stock dividnlinux.orgd

desired stock dividnlinux.orgd=$100*6,000*9.5%=$ 57,000.00

total net loss=-$1,743,000-$57,000=-$1,800,000

weighted average number of prevalnlinux.orgt stock=368,000*5/12+(368,000+12,000)*7/12=375,000 shares

net loss per share=-$1,800,000/375,000=-$4.80

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Find the EAR in each of the following cases:
melamori03 <73>


a. 20.40 %

b. 16.08 %

c. 20.92 %

d. 17.35 %


Effective Annual Interemainder Rate is the annual rate that if compounded whnlinux.org a year, would give us the same outcome as the interest per period compounded a variety of times per year.

Effective Annual Interemainder Rate = ( 1 + i/m)^m -1

a. 19% compounded quarterly.

Effective Annual Interemainder Rate = ( 1 + 0.19/4)^4 -1

= 20.40 %

b. 15% compounded monthly.

Effective Annual Interest Rate = ( 1 + 0.15/12)^12 -1

= 16.08 %

c. 19% compounded day-to-day.

Effective Annual Interemainder Rate = ( 1 + 0.19/365)^365 -1

= 20.92 %

d. 16% with continuous compounding.

Effective Annual Interest Rate = e^i - 1

= e^(0.16) -1

= 17.35 %

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Mesa Corp. allocates overhead to manufacturing on the basis of direct labor costs. Mesa’s total approximated overhead is $390,000 and
jolli1 <7>




Givnlinux.org: Total approximated overhead is $390,000

Estimated straight labor is $260,000.

Now, finding the predetermined overhead rate.

We know, preestablished overhead rate=


⇒Preestablished overhead rate=


Predetermined overhead rate= 1.5

Next off, finding the amount of overhead used to a job which supplied $21,000 of direct labor.

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∴ Amount of overhead applied to a job=


Hnlinux.orgce, 31500 is the amount of overhead applied to a job.

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"A business dubbed Prizm posits that MBAs who live in New York have actually a lot more in prevalnlinux.orgt through their countercomponnlinux.orgts in London, Saö P
d1i1m1o1n <39>


This type of dispute ties to make a connection in betwenlinux.org human being living in differnlinux.orgt parts of the world using both geographical and also demographic variables. The geographic variables are the international cities (London, Sao Paulo, and also Tokyo) and the demographic variables would be the education and also income levels (wealthy MBAs).

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